Saturday, September 21, 2013

Andy is 5!!

We kicked off Andy's birthday celebration the night before his actual birthday. Grammy and Poppop were heading out of town and Daddy had to work a double on the 19th. We went out to Grammy's and had pizza (his choice) and ate cake. Memere and Uncle Sean were there too.
He blew out all his candles in one breath.
And he got to open a few gifts. He was a happy boy!
Tonight we threw him a dinosaur party at home. Complete with dino dig! This little box was full of tiny dinosaurs that the kids got to find them!
All of our great friends and family were there (minus a few key players, who were sorely missed).

Party goers all there to celebrate Andy!
John ordered the bounce house. They called and asked if it was ok if they brought a bigger one for the same price. Does anyone say no to that?  It was a huge hit!
Next year Lydia will be much more excited about the enormous bounce house.

There's the birthday boy!!! He was hard to track down. There were at least 20 kids there. All well behaved and wonderful. My kids have great friends.

Cake time! Andy picked out the cake....can you tell?
His buddies were so excited for his cake.
Again, all in one breath.
Lots of buddies to share his cake.
You can tell it was a good party by the look on this face!
Yay!! Uncle Monster made it! He had to work but was able to get some quality time in the bounce house anyway!
I don't know what I would have done without this lady. She helped me so much with this bash.
And after 2 soccer games and birthday party where 72 hot dogs were consumed (not all by us, of course), we were still able to smile for a family picture. These don't happen that often!
So happy 5th birthday Andy Jus! Our lives our enriched every day just by knowing you and your sweet love.