Thursday, April 23, 2015

Another Color Blast

We paired up with our buddies the Horejsi family and participated in a Color Blast at the Jr High.  They had never done one before and I don't think they knew what we were getting into.

We started off nice and clean.
Our clan...don't let Sadie fool you, she didn't walk much.
See. She hitched a rid wherever she could.
At the end, we were all covered. It was a lot of fun. everyone was a mess, except for Sadie. She walked around all the color blasting. She didn't like it. She did get sprayed in the head with orange. She still had a little in her hair.
We had some tired kids when we were done. Notice how Sadie is pushing us away so she doesn't get too dirty.
Andy, on the other hand, embraced the color. He was happy, and rainbowed.
Lots of fun with great friends, Thanks Horejsis!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Mommy Kid Trip

I was only able to take one day off over spring break. So I told the kids we could do whatever they wanted. Of course they asked if we could go to Santa Barbara Zoo.  I was happy that we went. It was a great day. Unfortunately John had to work. But it made it special to have them all to myself.

They even humored me and took nice pictures together. It's hard to get pictures of the 3 of them all smiling and looking somewhat in the same direction.
We found these cool statues. We had never seen these with all the times we have explored Santa Barbara Zoo. The kids loved tem and we hung out around them for a long time.
Julie was too cool for me. She started cracking up as soon as I took these pictures. She's not a teenager quite yet.  Andy, as usual, was too busy for a picture.
And of course the slide hill. Always a hit. Love Sadie's face as the caboose.
It was a great, tiring day. The kids were so well behaved and so much fun. It was an amazing Mommy Day.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter 2015

We started Easter out this year with Easter baskets and a hunt in the back yard. The kids had a lot of fun and ate way too much candy before church.

Then we went to church out on the ranch. It was a chilly but beautiful morning where we saw half the town and lots of people we love. Here are my two beauties focusing at church.

When we got home, we changed out clothes and had some family and friends over for Easter lunch. It was so relaxed and lots of fun. Christina, Brian and the kids came. Memere, Grandpie, Aunt Arlene, Uncle Hal and Cousin Stephen. We had some make your own taco bar and cookies. 
 We let our 11 chicks out in the back yard. Sadie loved helping her friend hold them.
 Sadie loves holding her chicks.
 Even the big guys got into the chicks.
 But the chicks all took cover under Grandpie's chair.
 We had a fun little egg hunt. Everett and Lydia made it much more fun. Egg hunts are always way more fun with friends.

 It turned out to be a beautiful day!
 Counting her eggs. We didn't find them all. There are still 2 eggs out in our yard somewhere.
 Friends! Hard to get a picture of us with neither of us talking.
 And the sign of a good day. A tired baby, passed out on the couch.