Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of School

Once again, Summer FLEW by!

Today Julie started 2nd grade. She was up at 6 am, ready to get dressed. I had her listen to music for an hour before she got going. So she wouldn't be sitting around all beautiful getting nervous. She was so excited to see her new class room and meet her new teacher.
Today Andy started 1st grade. He woke up and started playing Lego's. He was excited when we reminded him that it was the first day of school. He happily got dressed and was super excited to walk to school with our neighborhood friends. He was stoked to get to stay and eat lunch at school and be on the big kid playground.
They were also excited to go to school together.
Sadie was a little sad to see them go. She kept hugging them both. Kissing their faces and arms. Both Julie and Andy reassured her they would be back right after her nap.
That made them all feel much better.
Everyone seemed to have a great day. They were all super chatty. Julie made a new friend who she couldn't stop talking about. Andy kept saying how nice his new teacher was. Sadie told me she was really nice to Daddy all day long. I would call that a successful first day of school!