Monday, September 22, 2014

A 6th Year Birthday Party!

Andy requested a Lego party this year! Well, it was hard to find a lot of Lego decorations, so we mostly went with bright Lego colors. He was happy.

 It was a beautiful day with lots of friends and family.

 Uncle Monster gave more than one piggy back ride.
 The best seats in the house....right next to the bounce house. Entertaining for kids to bounce and grown ups to watch.
 This is the kids favorite babysitter! They LOVE Symantha!
 Surrounded by his buddies. He couldn't be happier.
 Andy and Taylor. I can not tell you how sweet these two are.
 We were so lucky that Sophia was able to make it to Andy's party
 The birthday boy even took a break to love on great grandma Hazel.
And here I am with a tired Sadie. She partied til she laid down in the bounce house.

And that wrapped up Andy's 6 birthday. Happy day to our sweet, loving, caring, handsome boy. You are the peacemaker and comforter in our house. Always there with a kind word, building your loved ones up. We are all better people because of you, Andy-man. We love you!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Andy's 6th Birthday (night of)

I can't even believe my big man is 6. He seems so grown up since starting 1st grade. I know it has only been 4 weeks, but between the 4 weeks of school and turning 6, my baby boy is a big ol' kid now!

 On his birthday he woke up ecstatic to go to school.  He bounded out of bed, got dressed and scarfed down his birthday pancakes (complete with sprinkles).  I tried to get a decent picture with him, but he was too excited, so we took an excited picture instead!
After taking cookies to school for his classmates, then coming home and giving some more cookies to neighbors, we met some of the family at Sylvester's for a birthday dinner.

Grammy and Pop-pop, Memere, Uncle Justin, Aunt Audrey, Uncle Sean, Lauren and Jemma were all there. He got to open a few of his gifts too.
Apparently his sister's picked out just the right card. They were all intrigued by it!
Memere got him an awesome new scooter. His old one somehow disappeared...more likely got left somewhere. And this one shoots sparks when you step on the brake!  He was a very happy boy!
Ha, silly man in his new ninja turtle jacket. He didn't care that it was almost 90 degrees out.
After dinner we went across the street for snow cones. Then played frisbee in the park. He was a huge fan of Uncle Sean's frisbee skills.

When we got home all the kids went straight to bed. Andy slept with his new Lego set that Julie spent almost an hour picking out. Seemed like he had a great birthday, and we hadn't even gotten to the party yet!