Sunday, April 28, 2013


Yesterday, Lynda, Jeri and I ran the Miracle Miles for Kids 10k! A first for all of us!
It was a beautiful day! We all finished and were happy with our times. I was so appreciative that John and the kids, Mom, Jus, Audrey and Lauren were all there to cheer me on.

I didn't really have one of those, "Things to Accomplish Before I'm 30" lists, but if I did, I think this would have been on it. And I did it! With 2 weeks to spare.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life Skill

 Sadie has recently conquered a necessary life skill.  She has learned to joy and satisfaction of drinking out of a hose.

 She gets completely drenched doing it, but its totally and completely worth it!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Siblings are SO COOL!

Seriously, these 3 are the best. It is amazing to watch these little people love each other, help each other, and grow together.
Now that Sadie is stable on her feet, running everywhere, she joins in the fun, whatever the fun may be at the moment. And the big kids can't wait to include her.
Julie and Andy argue like siblings do. But when Andy has a bad dream, it's not Mommy he runs for. I find them like this many mornings. 
I love how much fun they have and how they enjoy the same things. Like being silly.
And squeezing together for a picture. Every day is a new adventure. Sadie looks up to Julie so much.  She tries to mimic everything Julie says and goes to her when she needs help (putting on a shoe, taking the top of a marker, etc). She will bring Julie a book and immediatly plop down in her lap before Julie can protest. She looks to Andy to share toys, play and wrestle with. Andy is also always good to share a snack with.  Both Julie and Andy go to Sadie when they need a hug.

I can't get enough of 3. I am so lucky to be their Momma!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Clive Melvin Latif Gerig

Yesterday was a great day for this family!

Our nephew, Clive Melvin Latif Gerig was born!
He weighed in at 9 pounds 2 ounces and measured in at 21 inches. Look at those lips and that amazing hair! He looks like John and Bess to me. Bess was amazing and Veda was so sweet when she met her baby brother (we got to see a video).  Also, he has a super cool birthday, 4/9/13, or 4+9=13...I know, I'm a weird number lady.

Julie and Andy are excited to have a new cousin.  (I am sure Sadie is too, but for now she just says "bebe") Andy couldn't wait to tell his school friends about his new cousin. He walked in and annouced, "I have a new cousin and he's a boy. Hes named Clive and I am going to teach him to play trains and be a cowboy."  So sweet.

We love you already handsome man! Uncle John can't wait to meet you next week!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Continued

After the baskets were opened, we all got dressed and went off to Church with Great Grandma Hazel. But not without taking some cute kid pictures first.
I love this one, they look like a happy little family.
Then Julie decided we should do individual shots. So everyone could see her dress. Notice the jeans out the bottom of her dress. She's my girl!
Then it was Sadie's turn. This is what she does when I tell her to "Say Cheese".
Then she gets even more silly.
I don't know where she gets all this silliness from!!  Love my handsome boy.
 Another happy "cheese" face!
After Church, we had been looking forward to going to Justin, Audrey, and Lauren's house, but Lauren had been sick all week and they were just not up for it. So the party was moved to our house.  We missed Jus, Audrey and Lauren a lot, but we managed to have some fun.

Carter enjoyed his first Easter, and won the best dressed award!
Memere and Sadie! She still had her ball of course!
Oh Pop Pop, you are so funny.
John and Carter, just a couple of baldies.
Nate and Tagen came over for the egg hunt too, the more kids the better when it comes to egg hunts! Sadie was once again not into it, but Nate, Everett, Tagen, Andy and Julie were all over the place looking for eggs. And, no they did not cooperate one bit for this picture!

Run Andy run!

Sadie was, however, super interested in her buddy Lydia! She has never shown that much interest in a baby, she kept point at her and wanting to touch her. So sweet.
After a super long day, Sadie fell fast asleep in John's arms. She also slept on me during church that morning.  She never does that anymore, and we both enjoyed the quiet moments with her.
So it was a busy Easter. All didn't go as planned. But we had fun, ate amazing food, too much sweets, spent time with our family and friends, and that is all that matters.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pre-Easter and Easter Morning

The day before Easter we went to Sunken Gardens for an Egg Maze, which we had no idea what it was, but turned out to be a lot of fun.

They had old fashion sack races.  The kids thought those were very cool, and we are probably going to do them at the next birthday party we throw.
 Even after Andy fell, he still had a smile on his face. Julie did really well with it, must be all that bouncing on the trampoline.
Sadie was all ready to collect her eggs, with her little basket. They did the maze (which was just corded off and had piles of eggs at every dead end, and the kids were only supposed to pick up 3 eggs from each pile) by age, so Sadie and Andy went at the same time.
I didn't get any face shots of Andy, he was way too busy. And I didn't get any of Julie, she ran off with her friends and only came back once all the eggs were collected.
But Sadie cooperated. Probably because Daddy was right next to her, and she was happy with only getting a few eggs.
Like I said, Julie somehow missed my camera, probably too busy. But, I got one last one of this cheeseball.
Overnight, the Easter Bunny came and left the kids some fun baskets. They contained summer shoes, pajama's, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and a softball, tball and bouncie ball (respectively).

Julie got these fun horse jammies. She said, "Ohhh, Grammie will love these!"
Sadie was really excited about her ball.

Then it was outside to hunt for eggs. The big kids were so sweet. They kept putting eggs in Sadie's basket. But she wanted to do it herself, so she would throw them right back out.
Before church, they went out to color with their new sidewalk chalk. Love my sweet girls.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just a Little Love

To hold you over until I get the Easter blog up.
They are just too much.