Friday, May 8, 2015

Cousin Visit

Last month the Banks cousins came to the bay area so we went up to spend a day with them at the zoo! All 3 kids were so excited to see Lauren and Jemma. Of course, they were excited to see Uncle Justin and Aunt Audrey too, but Lauren and Jemma were definitely the highlight.

As soon as we got there, Lauren grabbed Sadie's hand and away they went. They are such sweet buddies, so close in age and so sweet together.

 It was pretty hard to get all 5 of the kids looking in the same direction at the same time. They were all talking, smiling, looking at animals, looking at each other. They had so much fun together.
 Julie loved chasing Jemma around. It was fun watching her as a big cousin. We already know she is an amazing big sister, so it was no surprise she was protective and helpful with Jemma.
 She picked up Jemma to show her the exhibits.

 There was a petting zoo. This lucky goat got to be brushed by all 4 cousins at the same time. He (or she) was very happy about it, and actually whined a little when the kids moved on to the next goat.
 Julie also helped Jemma walk all over. Jemma loved getting to walk and us adults were happy to save our backs, Julie was the perfect height to hold onto her hands without having to stoop.
 The big girls all rode together on the train while Andy had some boy time with Uncle Justin.  We had so much fun with the Banks at the zoo. Oakland zoo is a great zoo and we can't wait to go back. It has a few rides and lots of animals. But the highlight was absolutely the company.
 Don't worry, I did get a few snuggles in with Jemma, although, shortly after I took this picture, Julie came and stole her again.