Tuesday, March 19, 2013


There are 2 big kid in this house that can ride their bikes without training wheels! It was super hard to get pictures of them because they were zooming all over the place!
Julie has been completely able to ride her bike without training wheels for a while now but she had no confidence so she didn't want to do it. But last night, she got on, determined and was riding, turning, starting and stopping without help or me running next to her!
We took Andy's training wheels off the same day we took Julie's off, but even with practice, his balance just wasn't there yet. So we took his peddles of a week ago so he could use his feet to balance and push himself on the bike. Last night he begged for us to put the peddles back on so John did and Andy ZOOMED out of the driveway and never looked back.  That was seriously the best thing we ever did! He did not fall once. And he was able to stop and start without any problem because he had been using his feet for the last week to level his bike.
Both kids were so excited when the neighbors came out to play so they could show off their new skills! Now that we know how much easier it is to learn without peddles or training wheels, Sadie will probably be zooming along next to them in no time!  I am so proud of my big kids.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Go Me!

This morning I ran my first 5k since high school! Right after Christmas two of my coworkers and I decided we were going to run the Wine Country 5k.  My cousin Stephen and Aunt Arlene were also running it and Justin was going to run the half marathon, so most of my family would be there anyway. John and the kids were front and center cheering me on, along with my mom, dad, Audrey and Lauren.

I have been running a couple nights a week and it is starting to feel really good. I actually miss it when I don't do it! And its nice to get away from the house by myself for a little bit each week.

Lynda and Jeri were my training buddies, though we never actually ran together before the race, we checked in with each other every day to see how things were going. Lynda and I ran together most of the race and Jeri was a few minutes ahead of us (she even won her age group! Go JC!!!).  I love these ladies, they made this so much more fun.

Of course I am a fan of anything that involves hanging out with this guy. Aunt Arlene didn't make it to the race, but I was happy I got to see his smiling face!
I must admit that I am proud of myself for taking the time to get healthier. I am proud of myself for finishing the race, and I know I will get faster with time and practice (I ran at an 11:30 pace today, and I am not complaining, I was not expecting to even go that fast). As soon as I finished the race I though, I should do a 10k! So that's whats on the plate next. Hoping to get it in before my 30th birthday. Since I have been running 4-5 miles at a time, I think its doable.

I am also so grateful to John who cheered the loudest (no matter what Julie says) and who always makes sure I can go for a run. Even if it means he does the dishes, puts the kids to bed, or cleans up the house and packs lunches all on his own.

Also, I have to mention that Justin killed the half marathon. He won....by a lot. He was a full 12 minutes ahead of the #2 runner. And he won his weight in wine.

After the race, we went home for naps and then hit the sunny, 80 degree beach. Yup, today was a winning day!

Monday, March 4, 2013

T-ball and Other Silliness

Well, things have been nice and quiet around here....no wait, that's a lie. It has been loud and busy and fun...just like normal.

After we were all well again, we got back to our silly ways.  Sadie took it upon herself to make sure Julie got enough popcorn.  (notice Sadie's mouth wide open and the "help me!" look on Julie's face)
Julie brings home a homework packet every week. Andy has decided that since he is going to kindergarten in August (we signed him up last week, its official!) that he needs to do "homework" as well. So he works on his workbook while Julie does her homework and I cook dinner.
The weather has been amazing!! So we have been taking advantage.
Julie dressed her and Sadie alike last weekend. The looked like a "me and mini-me" walking around together all day. So sweet!
The big kids always include her. It is really heart warming.
Andy started t-ball last week! So far, he is in love. His coach is great, full of energy and wonderful with the kids.

Here he is on 3rd base. We told him to get ready....
And this is what he did! Goofball!
He got some great hits off the tee!
Right after I took this one, the next player hit a ball into the outfield and Andy ran out there to field it! 
I just couldn't resist this randomness. I walked into the kitchen tonight and Sadie was just hanging out with a fishing pole and her owl.
Today we went to lunch at a pizza place and the kids wanted to play games. They were perfectly happy playing without actually putting money in. Then some construction guys came in to play ski ball. The kids were enjoying watching them and when the guys were done, one turned and gave all their tickets to Julie and Andy! Julie's eyes got huge and she thanked them 10 times. It was so sweet.
Sadie just kept on driving.
This past weekend, we went to multiple birthday parties, had a fun play date with Julie's friends from school and had a family dinner with Uncle Monster and Auntie Kay.  Never a dull moment in this house, but I wouldn't have it any other way!