Monday, August 31, 2015

This summer

So, this should be about 50 posts. But, last weekend, while we were out hiking, my car was broken into and my phone (along with my purse) was stolen. My phone had so many pictures on it. It makes me really sad to loose them all. But luckily, I had uploaded some photos to Facebook, so I was able to get some off there. So instead of major stories, I have snapshots of the summer.

Here is Andy, looking so much like his Daddy. 
 Speaking of Daddy, he had a birthday this summer! And we made him a bright blue cake in our new house. We moved into Grandma Hazel's house this summer and a place has never felt more like home except the one I was raised in.
 Here are some silly sisters, these kids are the bestest.
 After John's birthday, we spent some time up in Oakland, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Gilroy. Having all kids of fun. It was a great little family get away.
 We goofed off. A lot.
 Christina had the beautiful Rosalind! She is so perfect.
We have all enjoyed getting to know the new baby.  
 The kids spent some days at summer camp. The last day of camp was a luau. They all wore their super fun Hawaiian garb. And loved getting to see their friends during the summer too.
 Again, these two sisters. There is nothing like these sisters.
 Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!! We will all snuggle in and squeeze him....that sounds like a good way to celebrate him on Father's day!
 Sadie is still the queen of the top knot. Baby refuses to cut that long crazy hair!
And just like that, we were celebrating the kids going back to school. Family frozen yogurt date for the win!
It was a great summer. Of course, it went by way too fast. But these kids are happily back in school. Until the next adventure!