Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Handsome!

Yesterday was this guys birthday. Yup, he is pretty swell. Yesterday we all got up, the kids rushed into our room with cards for Daddy. After breakfast, we headed off to the beach for a walk. He didn't even complain when I made him take a picture before we left.  Daddy and all his kiddos.
Me and my birthday boy!
Sadie insisted on taking a picture with me too.  Love her!
The walk turned into a "play in the water and sand" outing, but we won't complain. John and I sat in the sand and talked while the kids ran around playing.
After some lunch and a nap, we headed off to the fair. The kids were really excited. We didn't go last year, so it was exceptionally fun.

The kids rode some rides, and we got to walk through all the vendors.  The kids loved the pony rides. Andy was on Ladybug. Julie's horse was named Princess. Unfortunately, that picture came out blurry.
Here is Sadie on Cinnamon. She got on and immediately started waving and yelling, "Bye Momma!!"
The big kids got to be farmers in a fun little play. They loved being up on stage and got to answer questions on how to make plants grow.
It was pretty adorable.
Even though we didn't do anything over the top, I think John had a pretty good birthday.  So until next year, happy birthday to the best husband, Daddy and friend anyone could ask for!

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th Fun

We had a fun and busy 4th of July with lots of great friends! Oddly, I didn't get that many pictures of friends. But I did get a few of my cute muchkins. The celebration started out with a SLO Blues game complete with fireworks. It was a ton of fun, but so crowded. The next morning the kids and I headed off to the parade. Unfortunately, John had to work. We missed him but still had fun at our hometown celebration

The kids were much more excited to pose before the parade started.

Some of our clan watching the parade. Sadie stole Memere's lap. The Arnolds were there, along with the Cisneros Family and George and Kathy. Justin, Audrey, and Lauren came along with Audrey's parents. It was also a nice treat to have our friend Jeri come along, I miss her now that we no longer work together.

Sadie loved waving at all the fire trucks.
Anabelle and Dawson sold lemonade right down the street from where we were sitting. It was great to see them, we don't have enough of the McDermotts in our life!
Roxy got to come to the parade too! She did so good and loved all the attention.  She hadn't met Uncle Justin yet.  She was petted by pretty much every kid on the parade route.
All 3 kids got face paint at the park. Julie's was the best. Andy got Spiderman and Sadie got a cute little heart on her cheek. Perfect for her first facepaint.
I can not get Julie to take a non-goofy picture. Such a hambone.
This girl and her "cheese" face. She is too much!
Julie, Andy and Sadie are always excited to see their cousin Lauren!
This boy is just too cute and sweet!

After some serious naps and Daddy was home, we went to a carousel set up in another park. The kids loved it. It pretty much made me sick. But they had a blast.
We wrapped up our 4th of July by heading back to the park to watch Brave under the stars. Someone brought sparklers and the kids loved it. It was a perfect way to end the day, snuggled on a blanket watching a movie and eating popcorn. Life doesn't get much sweeter.