Monday, October 19, 2015

Vegas Baby!!

Last week John and I had a chance to get away for a couple days (thank you Memere and Grammy!!!) and take off to Vegas!
 We had a blast walking all over the town, exploring the casinos, window shopping, and of course, eating! The people watching was pretty awesome too.  We hung out by the pool too, chatted and read. It was wonderful.
 We really enjoyed hanging out at the old strip, it was a little more our style and would like to stay there if we get a chance for another get away!
Thanks for the fun time babe! 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The kids didn't have school on Monday, so we decided that it was the perfect time for a little family get away! We drove up to Monterey after a full weekend of soccer, basketball and a half marathon (for mom and dad). We stayed at a cute little hotel within walking distance of everything!

We went to a delicious breakfast place that had HUGE pancakes!! The kids shared this chocolate chip one. I helped them out quite a bit, but we still didn't make a dent in it!
 When we got to the aquarium, Sadie was anxious to see some sharks. But she was happy with the sardines while we made our way over to the deep tank.
 The jelly fish were pretty awesome. We had not been to the aquarium since Sadie was about 3 months old, so it was all new to her. And the big kids were happy to show her around.
 The wave tank was a huge hit. All three kids loved hanging out in there. We finally had to drag them out so other families could have a turn.
 But not before we took a family picture!
 The kids are getting a little big for the play area in the aquarium, but it was still lots of fun. We are very excited to go back again soon, especially since we got an annual pass!
After the aquarium, we walked down to Dennis the Menace park and played til I thought Sadie would pass out from exhaustion. She is determined to keep up at all times.  We walked a total of 9.5 miles each on Monday. Even Sadie. It was such an adventure walking all over a new city.