Friday, October 30, 2009


Tonight at Sarah's birthday party, Andy took his official first steps! And not only did he step, he walked 12 steps across the room! He went from Mommy to Memere. Just like with crawling, he needed some motivation, and Memere had it! Broccoli! Who knew?
Way to go Big Man! Watch out world, here comes Andy Jus!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Festivities....So Far

I say so far, because Halloween is still 2 days away!

Tuesday night we had the 6th Annual Cut-n-Gut. Here is the outcome.

First up are Julie and Andy with their pumpkins.
Then our pumpkins, from left to right, John, Rachel, Kayla and Chris. Chris is always super creative, and this years turtle is no exception!
Today Julie had a parade and party at school. Here is Julie and her friend Jackson getting ready to go to the parade. It was a pretty long walk, so they decided to stroller it! It was very cute and all the people on the route were very generous with the candy! She came home with a huge bag!
Both kids were excited to see Auntie Arlene along the parade route! Andy even got some M&M's!

This is in her class room, she barely stopped talking enough to eat her lunch!

Tonight, the kids and I met my friend Heather, her sister in law April, brother in law Tom and of course, Lina, for the SLO Farmers Market. The girls were so cute walking all over holding hands. They have grown up so much from last year! After Heather and her family went home, we watched the cheerleaders show. Julie wanted so badly to go join them! She cheered, jumped and was mimicking their every move. We met up with Justin and Audrey (happy birthday Auntie Audrey!!) and they were also amazed at how excited Julie was to watch the cheerleaders!

We had a great day! Stay tuned!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sneak Peak

Farmer Andy J!
80's Punk Jule B! (unfortunately, in this picture, you can not see the crimped hair, or the blue eye shadow, but trust me it was awesome!)

I didn't actually get a great picture of either of them tonight. Both kids were very excited to go to the zoo, with me and their Memere and Grandma! It was a fun time. Julie had a lot of fun playing all the games and winning prizes. It was hard to get her to keep still long enough for a picture! There will be more Halloween festivities, so many more pictures to come!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Tonight I took the kids over to Morro Bay to walk along the ocean on that super cool new boardwalk. As we were walking towards Morro Rock, Julie and I had this conversation:

Julie: Wow! That is a big hill! (pointing at the rock)
Me: Yes, that is Morro Rock.
Julie: You can't climb it.
Me: True, why not?
Julie: Because if you fell, you would get an owie.
Me: True
Julie: Wow! It goes all the way to heaven!
Me: (smile)
Julie: It won't fit in my pocket.
Me: (Bigger smile) True

I love the way that girls mind works and how she tells me everything that is going through it. (Smile.)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Little Late

I am a couple days late because we didn't have power, but happy birthday to mu MUCH older brother! We had a great birthday dinner with him and he was nice enough to let Julie help blow out his candles. Happy Birthday Jus, love you!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


We have been having too much fun lately! Last weekend started with us taking our friend Lina and the kids to the children's museum. It was hard to get a picture of the girls together (they are only 4 months apart) because they didn't stand still, or stop talking, long enough! Andy enjoyed himself as well, and was glad the girls were so distracted because he was less tormented than he would be on any given day. We loved this place because there are employees all over the place, armed with antibacterial spray just waiting to clean up after you! Yes! A parents heaven!

Notice the "seriously mom, I am shopping!" look she is giving me here!

She didn't even bother looking at me in this one! Ha!

Andy was a little more cooperative...for once.Just about every weekend we go to Avila Valley Barn to get our fruit and veggies for the week, and because both kids really love feeding the animals. But this time of the year is the best with all the fall stuff. Can you find the pumpkin?

We met Grandpa Mel and Grandma CC there and took a little hay ride to the pumpkin patch. We never got off the tractor, but it was still a huge hit!

This was this weekend going to Avila Valley, Julie dressed herself and Andy was sporting his new bomber jacket, so I couldn't resist!

Last night we had a diaper party at our house for Joe and Heather as they are expecting their second little girl (Audrey Opal) in November. John and I mostly just cleaned the house and John BBq'ed. The rest was put together by Heather's sister in law April. She is great and throws an awesome party! She is also pregnant! Yay! Here is a cute picture of Lina, Julie and Anna (Lina's cousin who's mom is expecting twin boys!). Aren't they adorable! Here is April and I with Heather. Love these girls!
Tonight we celebrated Uncle Monsters birthday! Julie could not wait for him to get here so they could watch the video to "Octopus's Garden" Andy enjoyed it as well.

A couple weeks ago Julie asked if she could blow out his birthday candles. Of course he said yes and she has been talking about it ever since. He kept his word and was more than happy to share his big moment with Julie Monster.

After Julie was put to bed with another viewing of Octopus's Garden, we got to spend a few moments with our friends. We have not gotten to see them very much lately with crazy work schedules and different internal clocks. So even though it was a quiet night, it was very nice to see our friends. Happy Birthday Uncle Monster! We love you!

Monday, October 5, 2009


For Andy's first birthday, my mom took the kids to sears for pictures. They turned out so cute! I am not usually a huge fan of posed pictures, but these really did turn out great!

See, I told you they were adorable! Thanks mom! I love them!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Great News!

I have had a HUGE secret for 3 days that I have not been able to tell, now I can and I don't know where to start!!!!!

Last Wednesday, I drove up to San Jose to be a witness at Brian and Christina's WEDDING!!!!! I picked her parents up and away we went. We went to their apartment, arriving just minutes before the Groom's parents and the rest of the wedding guests....aka Darby. After we all got pretty, and took a few pictures, we drove down to Santa Clara County Clerk's Office.
At the clerks office, they had an awesome little chapel and a judge in blue robes to do the ceremony. Christina looked beautiful. Brian was beaming! I have never seen a happier groom. Both sets of parents were delighted to be there. Darby and I were bouncing all over the place taking pictures, until the ceremony started, then I had to put my camera down because I was a little too teared up! Luckily, Darby was able to power through and get some great shots!

They didn't have time to buy a ring for Brian, but his mom just happened to be wearing her dad's wedding band, so they used that for the service. It is just on loan, but what a way to start!
Introducing Brian Phillip Asdel Cisneros and Christina Elizabeth Asdel Cisneros.

The happy family.

After the ceremony and a few more pictures, we went went to a swanky hotel lounge, had an appetizer and then went to dinner. We ate at this awesome Peruvian fusion place. I had chicken stir fry with french fries in it. A little strange, but so good! We ordered cream puff things for dessert. Brian and Christina fed them to each other, it was cute.After dinner, we all went home. We all had to work the next day and Christina had school. George and Kathy were great company for the drive home.

This was one of the sweetest weddings I have ever been to. Short, to the point, but filled with all the love and commitment a wedding should be. I love this beautiful couple and everything that they are.

Oh, one last thing, Christina is PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She called me a few weeks ago and just sprung it on me. I couldn't contain myself!! I am so excited for them and for the family that they now are. They will be the most amazing parents! I can't believe that one of my best friends in the whole world is going to be a mommy!!

Yeah, life is so good!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Summer Love

This past weekend, my mom, Julie, Andy and I traveled to Hanford to go to my cousin Summer's Baby shower! This is her first baby and it is a girl! Hooray! I could not be happier for them. It was a great party, they received everything they could possibly need for the little bundle of joy. Now, they just need to wait for her to come! We can't wait for the little Garcia to arrive!!