Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another Half

My running buddy Lynda, John and I all ran a half marathon! It was the Wine Country Half Marathon and it was awesome!

The Wine Country 5k was the first race Lynda and I ran when we started training 2 years ago. We ran the 5k again last year and this year we ran the half.
Lynda cut a minute off her last half time. I cut 9 minutes off my last time, and John totally rocked it. He beat me by about 10 minutes!

It was a great fun day and we are already excited for our next race!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sadie Says

 This girl has been too much for us lately! She is such a character.  She started gymnastics this week. She is loving it. She loves her tutu and her teacher. She waves at us with a big smile on her face.

She loves to say, "Excuse me!" when she wants to tell us something.

She was spending the morning at my mom's and she asked Sadie if she was done with her breakfast. Sadie replied, "no, I'm just taking a break."

I got an email from on of her school friend's mom telling us that when she went to pick up her daughter, the teacher was reading them a book about their feelings. Sadie was the first to be asked what makes her happy. Sadie replied, "When my mom and dad say they love me"  So sweet. And I am so grateful that another busy mom took the time out of her day to email me such a sweet story.

Sadie has been loving Andy and Julie reading to her. It's a win win. She get's to hear a story and they get to practice.
Sadie adds so much fun and laughter to our lives, love that girl!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Julie's Award

We got a note home saying Julie was getting an award. We all showed up on a Monday morning and watched her get a certificate for her "Excellence in Math"
We are always so proud of how hard our kids work at school. We had a conference with Andy's teacher and she went on and on about how great he was doing and how much effort he puts into everything. Julie didn't get a conference but we were VERY pleased with her report card. She is above grade level in a few subjects, including math and language.

Great job big kids!