Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Give a Kid a Camera

And she will take many pictures!

For Julie's 3rd birthday, we got her one of those indestructible kids digital cameras. She has used it and abused it and loved it and actually taken tons of pictures.

I finally uploaded them, and since I have been bad about taking pictures lately, I figured I would share some of hers.

Took her a while to get used to it....
But after a bit, she got it. The angle is so funny, since she is looking up at most of her subjects.
But I have noticed people are a little more likely to pose silly for a 3 year old with a camera than they normally would.

Here is one of her favorite subjects.
Smile Mom!
And Dad.
And kiss the couch Andy!
Look cute Andy!
This one, I love. I couldn't have done it any better.
Love this little photographer!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Kid Class

For the past two weeks we have been mentally preparing Julie to move into the "big kid class" and for the past two weeks, she has been correcting us with "Pre-Kindergarten!" Maybe Mommy and Daddy weren't quite ready to call it that....or say the K-word!

But, this morning, Julie moved into the Pre-K class. I had to wake her up, but the minute I said "First day of Pre-K" she bounced out of bed, into her clothes (that she got to pick out at the store all by herself) and into the living room. And no joke, this is the look on her face until we got there, while I was there, and after I picked her up...She bounced into her class room, only to look back and give her brother a hug and kiss good bye.

When I picked her up 4 hours later, she introduced me to 3 new friends, and one new friend introduced himself as "Julie's new friend Lincoln and I have never seen you before!" ha! She is in a class with her own kind now!!

I asked her teacher how she did and her reply, "Great.....Perfect, actually!" Wow, doesn't get much better than that!

All the way home she talked about the letters on the wall and the books that they read and "Did you know I have a library in my room mom? A library is where we keep books!"

I can only hope that she stays this excited about school for the rest of her days.

On a funnier note, we were talking at dinner about muscles and strength. It went something like this:

Julie: Mommy is so strong!
Daddy: Who is has bigger muscles, Mommy or Daddy?
Julie: Daddy, but Mommy is stronger. But Daddy can pick up our couch!
Daddy: So if Daddy can pick up our couch, who is stronger?
Julie: Uncle Justin!!!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome Home Brian, Christina and Everett!!

My best friend moved home to the Central Coast this week. WOOHOO! So of course, we had a party! And it was the greatest kind of party where no one had to do anything. A picnic at the park where everyone brought their own food and lounged on their own blankets was an awesome way to welcome back the Cisneros Family!

Here I am with one of the guests of honor. Everett is growing up so fast, I am so thankful they are close by so we can be a part of his life. Everett and Marshall. They are going to be buddies, though they don't know it yet. They are only a few days apart and enjoyed drooling together.

I love this picture! Julie and Andy are so silly these days. Andy is enjoying his sandwich and Everett is watching him longingly. Soon enough Everett!

It was so wonderful to catch up with old friends. Turns out not much has changed in our friendships, and that is a beautiful thing.
Yup, definitely silly. That is Julie, upside down on her belly. Andy is just looking way too big.

Apparently Brian is a little grossed out by the cherry pit spitting.

This is the grandparent section. All proud, wonderful, amazing grandparents. This was one of the few breaks my mom had the whole picnic. Thanks Mom!

Picnicking is seriously hard work.

And as my camera ran out of battery, one final picture of me and one of oldest friends. Oldest in that I have known her since the day I was born.

It is kinds fun to have John take pictures, then I actually get to be in a few! I am sad that I didn't get one of Christina and I, but that seems to be the case lately. Must be all these kids we are running after!!

So welcome home Cisneros Family! We are SOOOO happy to have you here!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

No Secrets

Last weekend I took the kids to the grocery store with me. As we were loading up a bag full of apples, Julie and I had a conversation.

Julie: We need to get LOTS of apples!
Me: Yes we do.
Julie: Because Daddy, Andy and I LOVE apples!
Me: What about Mommy, don't I like apples?
Julie: No, you like hamburgers.

It was only then that I realized there were about 30 people standing around the produce and everyone of them now knows that I prefer hamburgers to apples. Yup, no secrets in our house.