Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch and Sarah Palin

The night before we went to the pumpkin patch was a rough one. Julie had a bad cold and was up half the night coughing, sneezing and throwing up. The other half of the night Andy was up. He was not sick, actually he was quite happy, but awake. Apparently Reeses felt left out and she threw up too!

So when we got up that morning to go to the pumpkin patch, we did not have high expectations. But it was a beautiful day, so out we went. We got there and right away Julie was in heaven because there were "Moos" there (aka cows). Then she got to pull a wagon and pick out her own pumpkin. Andy slept the whole time. Overall, there were no meltdowns, no fits, just a lot of fun, cute pictures and some snotty noses.

Petting the Moo's

And I almost forgot that we had a very special visitor the night before....Sarah Palin stopped by. Actually, it was my mom on the way to a Halloween party, but oh my gosh! She was so dead on! It was almost creepy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm worried....

That Julie will NEVER be able to sleep in a regular bed....

Yes, she is really asleep in all of these pictures, they are all on different nights, and as you can see in that first one, the pillow is on the total opposite side of the bed. She will be like this, then an hour later, we will go back in and she will be back on the other side. Maybe she will be able to be in a toddler bed by senior prom?

One Month

Andy was one month old on Sunday! I can't believe he has already been with us that long, even though he seems like he has been here all along. He is such an angel. I am amazed that I have enough love left in me to love him as much as I do.

Here is just a peak into Andy Justin at one month:

  • He slept in his own crib last night!

  • He stays awake a few hours through out the day

  • He loves to eat

  • He doesn't jump anymore when his sister screams

  • He likes to snuggle (especially with his Momma)

  • He coos

  • He is very serious when he is awake

  • He is a tummy sleeper

  • He doesn't mind using a pink Paci

  • He grabs your hand if you take the bottle away too soon

  • The only person he will turn his head to look at is Julie

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Eyes and Trains

When Julie was born everyone always asked us if she had eyes because no one ever saw them. Well, Andy is not the same sleeper that Julie was but we still get that question a lot. So here are his eyes!

Today was Colony Days in Atascadero so we met up with Audrey and watched the parade for a while. Then Julie got to ride the Elks train for the first time. She loved it. Every time she by us she would start clapping. Then she really didn't want to get out.

It was really nice to have Audrey come along with us because we were able to eat without holding a child and we had someone to take a pciture of the 4 of us, which we have very few of. Plus it was nice to drag her to yet another Atascadero tradition...she is such a good sport. :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Day (or 3) With Aunt B

Bess and her boyfriend Matt were in town this week for just a couple days. We were really lucky and got to see them 3 times while they were here. She got to meet her nephew for the first time and spend some time with Julie. The first night they were here, we all went out to Anne and Dave's ranch for dinner. Mel was there, along with Ted and Sharon and Grandma Hazel. We sat around and talked and had some really good lasagna. Julie was funny because I am 99% sure that she can say Bess, but she insisted on calling her B. She said Matt's name just fine.

The next day Matt and Bess came over to our house and we showed Matt the highlight of Santa Margarita...aka Merc Sandwiches. Anne and Aunt Heli then stopped by and Heli got to see Bess and Andy for the first time, so that worked out really nicely. Of course, I forgot to take pictures. Bummer.

After Heli left, Anne, John and Matt all went out to the ranch to ride quads and Bess and I stayed home to do some algebra....no seriously, Bess had some homework that she needed some assistance on. So that was fun. After I picked up the monster, we all went out to the ranch to watch John, Matt and Dave rescue the injured quad (you can ask Matt about that one).

Today, we went to enjoy another highlight of California with Matt and Bess and Bess's friend Amy. In and Out Burger. It was great. I love this picture of Matt and Bess holding Andy because right before I took it I explained to them how I love taking pictures of people holding my babies because it looks like they belong to whoever is holding them. This one the played it up and I love it!
Then it was time to say farewell. It was a nice visit and we all can't wait to see them again!

Justin's 28th Birthday

It has been 8 years since I have been able to celebrate my brother's birthday with him! I think I was more excited for his birthday this year than he was! We went over to Justin and Audrey's for dinner (really good fajitas and even better margaritas) and cupcakes. My mom and Stephen and Sarah came too. It was a really fun time. Poppy was even dressed up for the occasion!

Julie really enjoyed her cupcake.

Oh, we found the best birthday present for Justin ever!! Don't be too jealous!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Little Moose!

Andy had his one month appointment today. The Doctor said he is doing really well. He was weighed and he has gained a whole 2 pounds since he was born! So he is up to 10 pounds 14 ounces (55th percentile) and he has also grown an inch and a half, so he is 22 inches long (35th percentile)! What a good boy! He was still too little to have any shots or anything today, so it was pretty uneventful other than finding out how big he was.
Now that he is a little bigger, Julie loves to hold him. She does pretty well too. This is them sitting in Julies rocking chair.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Andy just puked all over John...I mean all over....gross!

Just thought I would share. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Julie's "Pretty"

Yesterday we took Julie to play with her buddy Lina at the park. Lina is the daughter of my good friend from college, Heather. Heather is so awesome, she made Andy a really cute blanket, you know, one of those cool knot quilts made out of fleece. She didn't want Julie to be left out so she made her a blankie too. The second we pulled it out of the wrapping, Julie called it "Pretty." And it is very pretty, and VERY bright. Julie loves it. It has replaced the spot of her former blankie. She took it to bed with her last night, and this was the sight we saw when we checked on her before we went to bed.
She was completely wrapped in it, sleeping the short way of her crib. Notice Karl is still right in there with her!
Andy was wrapped up in his blankie last night too, but he was a little less expressive about it! So thank you Heather. You made Julie's day! And I really liked seeing you too!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our California New Englanders

Both the Red Sox and the Patriots played today. That means our kids get tortured by wearing their team colors. They are good sports about it, but I have a feeling that won't last forever. Julie was just really happy that she got to hold her brother. As Uncle Chris pointed out, girls don't have to be cheerleaders (they have to be softball players:)) but the outfit is amazingly cute. And in case you can't tell from the picture, Andy is in head to toe Patriots. He was wearing a Patriot beanie earlier, but Julie kept steeling it...