Friday, August 23, 2013


I found the picture of Julie (on the left) after dropping Sadie off at preschool. It was taken her first day of school, about 4 1/2 years ago! They wore the same sweater!! And I totally didn't even plan it. Look at their matching pig tails and cheesy smiles!  Julie is about 4 months older (just over 2) than Sadie in this shot.  Love my girls!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Sadie had her first day of preschool today! This morning once she was dressed, I told her we would go outside and take pictures. She screamed "come on Momma!!!", grabbed my hand and ran to the exact spot that I took Julie and Andy's 1st day of school pictures.
Of course, she called them over to join in.  We were slightly less successful than the previous day. But adorable non the less.
When we got to school, she hung up her lunch box and ran to play. She turned and waved, after giving Julie and Andy huge hugs. Julie had a hard time letting her go. She didn't want to leave. She is protective of Sadie and it really showed this morning. But we had to get them to school too, and evenutally, me to work. So we left with Sadie not even noticing.
We picked her up at 4:30. She gave us all big hugs and brought us over to see what she was working on. She was playing play dough with her buddies. She had a big smile on her face. She had a great day, ate all her lunch and took a good nap on her little cot.

When it was time to go she threw a huge tantrum. She cried and stomped her feet. She said, "NO STAY!!"  I think that's about as successful a first day I could ask for.

How did my Babe become a Big so fast?!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School!

Beware, lots of photos to follow!

Today Julie started 1st grade and Andy started Kindergarten.

The kids were up early, as usual. Julie was dressed before 6:30 with her hair brushed and shoes on. She helped me get breakfast for everyone and put ice packs in lunches.
Andy was right behind her, sleeping with his back pack made his getting ready even faster this morning. By 7:15 we were outside taking pictures and we had to hold the kids back from knocking on all the neighbors doors asking if they were ready to go yet!
We killed a little time taking pictures in the front yard. Sadie even got in on the action, even though her first day of school is not until tomorrow.
New backpacks are always a highlight.
She just can't resist being a cheeseball when she sees the camera!
They can be sweet....when they want to be.....
Again, showing off their cool backpacks.
When it finally got closer to school time the neighbors started coming out and we walked to school with some great friends. We live in such an awesome community where the kids are all buddies and their parents are pretty swell as well. It almost feels like you went back in time, especially on mornings like today.
Julie was so excited to learn that she has the same teacher she had last year! All of her best buddies are in the class with her, so she barely looked at me for a picture before we were dismissed to Andy's class.
He listened so well when the teacher told them to line up. He's right in the middle, with his hood on. And he was all smiles as he waved goodbye. Sadie had a few tears, though. She didn't want to leave Andy's fun classroom!
But, she and another baby sister started their own club out on the playground, and all was well again.  This is actually a co-workers daughter who's big brother is in Andy's class. I think they are destined to be friends!
After everyone was picked up, both Julie and Andy talked non stop. They were wound up and excited and happy. Sadie kept begging for them to stop talking so she could have a turn. Andy made me promise he could go back tomorrow, so I would call day one a complete success!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I found theses gems on John's phone. I know I already did the Gilroy Gardens post, but they are just too good not to document.

So proud of herself.
Total sweetness.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sadie's First Haircut

This weekend was busy and crazy full of getting ready for school. We finished up shopping for backpacks and soccer cleats (they go hand in hand with back to school). We also cut both John and Andy's hair, so we just had to get Julie's done. When we got there, Sadie really wanted to get a trim too, Just like her big sister.  She was so excited to sit in the chair and have the robe on her.
She sat perfectly still, listened when the lady said to look at her toes. She didn't squirm when they combed through the snarls.

I only had them take about an inch off, but it was the baby fine hair and when she was done her hair looked different and much cleaner.
She was a little upset her turn was all done, but of course, the sucker afterwards made up for it.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gilroy Gardens

Welp, school officially starts next week. Julie will be in 1st grade, Andy will be in Kindergarten and Sadie will be starting pre-school. With the start of school also comes the start of soccer season. So John and I decided we should try to get in one more little family outing before school starts and our weekends are (happily) taken up by soccer. So we headed up to Gilroy Gardens.

I know I have other postings about Gilroy Gardens but this time Sadie was able to really enjoy the rides and that was a game changer. We had so much fun.
A lot of the rides John and I were to big to go on. So the kids got to go on all by themselves. The second the gate would close, Sadie would yell, "Bye Momma! Bye Dadda!!"
Andy was the only one who had any interest in the giant snake roller coaster. So he and I enjoyed that one together. It ended up being his favorite ride.
Sadie loved driving the cars. Luckily they were attached because she is one crazy driver.
You can only imagine what kind of mess this turned out to be!
I love her and her silly picture faces. Smiling is just so boring.
Deep thoughts about a purple snow cone.
This was Sadie's favorite ride. She waved at all the parents every time she went around.
She also got a little frog push toy that she has yet to put down. You can hear the little wooden clacking all over our house!
And this marks the success of a good day! We had a blast and she didn't even make it out of the parking lot.
Back at the hotel we enjoyed the pool until way past bed time and the kids put up no fight going to sleep. It was a great little getaway before the wild start of school!

Friday, August 9, 2013

What We're Up To

Summer is just flying by! I havn't been updating much because we have been having way too much fun. Most nights, when I come home, we play outside until bedtime (with eating dinner in there somewhere, a lot of times, outside).

 During Sadie's naps though, the big kids have been loving doing "hard" puzzles given to us by our friend Delma. They are either 200 or 300 pieces. The big kids can get them done in about 45 minutes.
I got to work one night at a black tie event.  It was fun getting dressed up and I love Sadie's she is shocked to see me in makeup!
I also ran another 5k on the beach. I improved a bit and that's all I can ask for. That and an awesome cheering section when I cross the finish line!
Both Julie and Andy have been going to camp this week. Julie has been going to a church run camp that is all about nature and contributing to the earth around us. She has learned a lot and loved it.  Andy has been at a zoo camp the last few days.  He loves it and got to help feed some animals and learn all about how the zoo keepers take care of the animals.  When I picked him up today the teacher pulled me aside to tell me how wonderful and sweet he is and how loving he was to all his classmates. Somehow, I am not surprised, I could not be more proud of him.
Tonight, we were walking up to the school to see what Julie had worked on at camp and a wild skateboarder came zooming past us. John was ready to kick some booty until he realized it was Uncle Monster!  John and Chris have been skating a lot this simmer. Chris came up to the school with us and we all took turns on his board while the kids scootered. It was a blast. Pretty much a perfect evening.
So we have about a week and a half left of summer and a few tricks left up our sleeves. But we have been having fun, enjoying each other and spending time as a family. Can't ask for much more!