Saturday, December 31, 2011

Smiling Proof

The first of many smiles caught on camera....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Three times today I got smiles from Sadie.  The kids have gotten a few here and there, but never when she was staring at them. It was always when they startled her and she reacted.

But, this morning I walked up to her laying on the bed and said, "Hi Big Girl!" and she looked right into my eyes and smiled. Nothing melts your heart like a grin from baby.  But the first real grins are the sweetest.

Smiles happened two more times today. And even though I don't have a picture, it is not an image I will soon forget.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Warning: This is majorly picture heavy! I just couldn't cut any out!

Christmas Eve is Grammy's birthday! So that just gives us another excuse to throw a big party!

So Grammy and Pop-pop came over early to open some gifts before the rest of the family arrived.  Just as the turkey was coming out of the oven the house kept getting fuller and louder! Just the way we like it!

Julie couldn't wait for the party to start, she had to steal some of Memere's cranberry bread.
The cousins set up in the living room and had a great time. I think Andy was the only one that actually ate any dinner. But aren't they adorable!?
Sadie slept the whole time.  She loves the loud hustle and bustle.  Here she is asleep with Arlene and Memere.
And Arlene and Jordan.  I love when my cousins come over!!
A small part of the meal. It wrapped around to the other counter too.  Luckily it was a pot luck, so it wasn't too much work for me, but there was so much food!!!
I could not believe what a beautiful day it was outside. We were outside until the sun went down.  It was such a warm sunny day!
Me and my Geek.
Cousin Lauren got to open a few gifts too! She is so funny sticking out her tongue!
Sweet Sadie fast asleep. She really doesn't sleep all the time. Just when there are other people around apparently....
Look over there Uncle John!!!!!
Most of us gathered outside to sing Happy Birthday to Grammy! Not everyone was in the shot......told you it was a great party!
That is Julie's hand stealing a taste of cake. She also arranged the candles.
This is what I call a living room full of love. Seriously, I think this is what the holidays is all about.
The above picture was taken after a bunch of people went home. If you are curious where Sadie is during this picture, she is right by the fireplace, next to Audrey and Lauren, in her asleep.
I think this is one of my new favorite shots.  Uncle Sean and Uncle Stephen tickling Julie in the back ground. Uncle Justin tickling Andy in the front. The laughing was contagious.
After the house was quiet, Julie helped Sadie play with a few of her new toys. (see, she woke up as soon as it was quiet)
Then it was one more BIG hug and off to bed in hopes that Santa would come soon!
And he did!
I am still super happy with how the stockings turned out.
The next morning John and I woke up before the kids. But we stayed in bed and when the kids woke, we could hear them in the bunk beds.

"Andy, Santa might have come!"
"Yeah! Let's go see!!"
"Yeah, yay! Let's get Mom and Dad!"

It was adorable. We all ran down stairs and the kids were so happy. It was so much fun opening gifts that I didn't bother to take any pictures. But I did get a few shots when they were testing out their bikes.

Soon Memere came in her sled (or her California version of a sled) full of presents and the kids showed off their gifts while we waited for Uncle Justin, Aunt Audrey and Cousin Lauren to come. I didn't get too many shots here either, we were just having too much fun!

But I did get this shot of Lauren on her new rocking horse! I think she likes it!!
It turned out to be another beautiful day. Justin couldn't resist a little swinging.
Me with one of my greatest gifts.
Julie tested out her new horse hippity hop.
And the big kids ate lunch at their new kitchen table!! Thanks Memere, it's PERFECT!
Andy was super excited about his new engineer overalls. He is OBSESSED with trains right now. Anything and everything to do with trains.
Phew! Are you keeping up with us?? 

After a quick rest, we packed up and headed to a nice dinner at Grandma Hazels.  I forgot my camera, so I just got these few shots from my phone.

It was a pretty quiet evening, we all left full and sleepy!
So we went home and the kids went straight to bed. Andy was out before we left the room.
Julie didn't even make it into jammies, just slept in her clothes!
John and I packed up Christmas after the kids were in their beds. We were exhausted, but it always feels so good to wake up to a nice clean house. 

This one was awake when we got home. But I put her in her bed and I went to sleep. She did too, and didn't wake me up for another 6 hours. Such a good girl.
And she was a super happy camper this morning too!  She joined me and Christina on our day after Christmas trip to Target. 
This was also this morning, but I just couldn't resist showing off how much Julie loves her sister and what a big girl she has become.
We had a wonderful Christmas.  We all received every gift we could have asked for an more. We were surrounded by all the family that supports and loves us all throughout the year. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fun Stuff and 1 Month Check-up

The past week and a half has flown by!! And we have done some fun stuff!!

Our friends April, Tom and Heather had a yard sale in Los Osos.  We went over to bring cookies and pick up some hand me downs for Sadie.  Being that close to Montana de Oro, we had to stop and enjoy the beautiful part of the world that we live in.

John and the kids searched for cool shells.  Julie found made it her mission to fill John's pockets with rocks. 
Andy was very serious about finding treasures.  Or very tired.
Julie showing me what she found.
Then we went on a hike. We are so lucky that we can do this, that we live in such a beautiful area.
The girls fell asleep in the truck, but Andy wanted to go on another "hike" so we stopped at the Elfin Forrest.  He and I walked around and enjoyed some time just me and my big man.

This is what happens after a long day of hiking. You get a tired girl on a bean bag.

On Saturday, Julie and I got to go off and have a special afternoon.  We went to a Holiday Tea Party with our friends Heather and Lina, Tania and Anna and April (who happens to be one an awesome Auntie. And I should know, because I have some pretty awesome Aunties).  April took all these pictures so we could focus on her girls.  Told you she was awesome.

We got there and they had a face painter, right there in the front. The girls got in line as soon as we got our tickets.  Julie was excited.
Pretty girls with their faces painted.
Me and my big girl. We had fun decorating gingerbread men, drinking apple juice out of little ceramic tea cups, coloring and being silly.
The girls got to go up and sing with "the band".  Actually, they rung bells, but it was still cute.  I think Julie looks like me in this picture. Her hair looks so dark next to Anna and Lina.

The next day we decorated gingerbread houses in the back yard.

I was helping Julie with the frosting. She was trying to tell me how she wanted me to do what she wanted and I apparently was not understanding.  John started to explain what she was trying to get across and she shushed him and said, "Dad, I'll handle this."  Love that girl.
Andy wasn't quite so hard on John.

In fact, this is how Andy ended up once he decided his house was decorated enough.

Last but not least, this morning we went to Sadie's 1 month well check.  Biggest news first! Last night, she slept through the night!! From 10-7.  I know, she's wonderful. Such a good girl.  She is up to 10 pounds even (67th Percentile) and is now 23 inches long (98th Percentile)! That's right, she has grown an inch and a half in 5 weeks. Can you imagine?

Dr. Patterson gave her a clean bill of health and said she was perfect. She was awake the whole time and let him do the whole exam without a peep, well, at least not until she got her shot.

She's such a trooper. And look at that hair!!