Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Wonderful

This weekend started out beautiful and warm. We busted out a make-shift pool. The big kids thought it was a great idea! The little squirt, not so much!
Julie and Andy tried so hard to get her to like it, but it was just too chilly.  So the big kids went it alone.
Sadie watched from her swing and got the occasional squirt from the hose.  She was content with that.
Saturday morning we went to the Morro Bay Emergency Vehicle Show with Memere. The weather wasn't quite so beautiful, but we met up with Christina, Brian, Gion and Everett, so of course there was fun to be had.

Andy and Everett ended up in the back of the Paddy Wagon.  Hopefully this is the only circumstance they will be in the back of one of these together (or at all!).  They thought it was pretty cool.
I love this picture, "Hey buddy, how you doing in there?"
Cute boys.
This is Andy's dream right here. The kids got on and the whole bike tilted backwards.  The Officer steadied it, but it made me jump, even though neither kid on the bike even flinched!  They were ready to take off.
It was a fun show! Its always nice when the kids can get hands (and feet) on.

Julie and Andy went to Kids Night Out at gymnastics, giving Sadie and I some one on one time.  She was excited about it.
 And I got a little sewing time in.
Sunday we went to a birthday party at the park which was super fun. The kids played and wore themselves out. 

I didn't take any picutes at the party, but after a nap, Julie came out to help John with his new lawn mower.  But, she was so interested in her book, I don't think she helped much....but notice her rockin' outfit!
 When she was done reading, she snuggled with Sadie in the bed of the truck.
We also squeezed in a quick visit with Grandpa Mel, a family dinner, a haircut for Julie, about 80 loads of laundry (that is only a slight exaggeration) and a few jumps on the trampoline.  We all went to bed early last night, but it was a great weekend!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5 Months

Today our little Sadie is 5 months old! In the long run, 5 months is just the tiny start, but it seems like she can't possibly be that old? How did it happen?
She got her first tooth last Sunday and her second one has just broken through.  You can tell by the wet shirt that she is a drool machine. 

She can roll from her front to her back and her back to her front, but she doesn't do it regularly yet.  She can also scoot herself around in a circle with her feet so she can face whatever direction.  She is already determined to be mobile.

Of course she fits in well with her silly siblings.
And no, she has not lost her hair! It is still long and wild!
Last week we gave her some rice mush because she was acting hungry no matter how many bottles we made her.  She loved it! She barely spit any back out, she ate everything I had made.  We only give it to her every other night or so, but she is going to be a great eater!

We love you little Sadie Jo!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tie Dye Fun

Last weekend we went to our little buddy Eli's 2nd birthday party! His Mommy April did a great job with the party, and our kids had a good excuse to wear their tie dye. We (ok, mostly Christina) got some great pictures!

Tie dye and bubbles!
Andy's face quickly matched his shirt.
Julie and Anna!
Getting ready to do their own tie dye.
Eli and his cake!
He didn't trust anyone near his cake. He picked it right up off the table and walked away with it.
Lucky for Eli Andy was given his own cake straight away, so he was safe.
This picture is my FAVORITE!  John says that Andy looks like the metaphorical devil on Everett's shoulder..... "Eat more cake Everett!! Sugar is good Everett!!"
Sadie loves Everett!
"Look at my tongue!"
"I WILL lick you!"
Want to get on Everett?  No?  Smart boy.
Sadie chatting with Gus.  She thinks he is pretty sweet.
More Sister sweetness.
It was a super fun party and a beautiful day. I love seeing the kids in their bright, fun colors, running around chasing bubbles.  Life doesn't get much sweeter than that.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter was super fun this year. Lately, every holiday has been my favorite, until the next one comes along! This years Easter started out with a party at the kids school. Memere got them a bunch of new, cute clothes so we dressed them up for egg hunting with their friends. 

Sadie is really excited about her newly discovered tongue!!

We went to Andy's class first.  They made funny little chick hats (which Andy wore proudly the whole time) and sang "Little Bunny Foo-Foo".  Then it was time to hunt.

Last year Andy was literally tripping over the eggs, oblivious that he was supposed to be gathering them. Then, when he finally did pick them up, he would sit there and open the one he had, instead of finding more. This year he was much more efficient, and had much more fun.
Julie couldn't wait to get over to her class.  She was so patient for her brother's time and didn't even show him where the eggs were, just waited for it to be her turn.  When her hunt began, she found a bunch right away.  We told her she probably had enough, so she helped her classmates find the rest.  Even her teachers commented on what a great friend she was.
On Easter Sunday, we got up and went to church.  I made the kids pose for a few pictures before the got to do what they really wanted to do.....
(I still melt when I see how much they adore each other. I have the sweetest kids)
This!! We got a trampoline this week and it has been a huge hit, for the kids and us!
My big boy is getting too big!  All three kids were angels in church.  Sadie slept while Julie and Andy sat with friends and colored and sang.  They make me so proud!
After church, lunch, and a great nap, the Easter Bunny made his delivery.  He was so nice to wait until Daddy got home from work.
Sadie loved her taggie blankie.
Andy got a cool hat!
And Julie found eggs in record time!
Veda sat back to enjoy the show!  I could just eat her up!  She and Auntie Bess came over a little early, it was so wonderful to have a little quality time with them!
I love this picture so much!  Both Sadie's face and Stephen's face are classic!  I have no idea what Pop-pop is saying, but it has both of their attention!
I also love this photo!  Me Bestie loving on her sweet boy! Life doesn't get any better!
More adorableness with Lauren doing "Itsy Bitsy Spider"  She is so smart!! I know I shouldn't be surprised, she is my Niece. :)
I love all the love!  Lauren getting a little snuggle from Memere!
"Look at the egg I found Auntie!!"  I took about 10 pictures of her with this egg, and she was so excited to show it to me, the egg was hiding her face in all but this one!

Here is a great one of Bess! Veda held onto that egg for a long time! And you can see the more of the party in the back ground, fun times.
"Don't forget your lunch, Everett!"  These boys make me smile so much.  They are turning into great friends!
This is priceless.  All the cousins together, on the same blanket, happy.
Well, at least for a second.  The sequence of pictures before and after these shots are hysterical, and may have to be a separate post.
Lauren really got the whole picture taking thing down!
I guess it is safe to say, a happy Easter was had by the Hunters!  Thank you to everyone who came and helped up break in the new house with love, egg hunting, pizza eating, frosting smearing, trampoline jumping and lots and lots of laughter.  We are one lucky bunch.
Just want to add, I have typed this whole blog mostly one handed because I have a Sadie on my lap.  She got her first tooth last night!! And her second one is right next to it, ready to poke through!!