Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?!

So just a little update on Julie. Like I said last week, she has been sick and we were trying to figure out what has been causing it. We got a call on Tuesday from her regular doctor that she tested positive for Whooping Cough! If you are one of my non-California followers, Whooping Cough has been running rampid and our County has had the second most cases in California.

The doctor tested her on a fluke, he was 100% sure she didn't have it. But he was wrong. So that has been the reason for her horrible hacking cough for the last 3 weeks. Treatment is simple antibiotics and waiting it out.

But, since it is highly contagious, all caregivers (and Andy) also had to do antibiotics, and some had to get the pertussis shot. Luckily, no one else has shown any signs of being, or getting sick.

And yes, she has had all of her vaccines and immunizations. Apparently they can still get it, but I have read many places that they don't get as sick as if they hadn't been immunized. Which I think is true because her cough is already considerably better and only occurs when she is exerting a ton of energy.

So we have been on house arrest since finding out. But, today is her last day of antibiotics, so tomorrow, we are FREE!! And she is cleared to go back to school Monday! Thank God!

To keep these 2 wild animals occupied while laying low, we have been doing all sorts of fun things. They have been painting, coloring, stickering, washing their toy cars, playing in our blow up pool and making play dough!

Here are my helpers while making play dough. They were also eating apricots (multitasking), not play dough. (I made Andy an apron to match Daddy's. He loves it!) The master at work. She has started becoming more deliberate in her art. When she colors she attempts to stay in the lines, works really hard on making things different colors and actually tries to draw the pictures in her head. It has been a very fun new development.
Andy still prefers to play with the box. But he was all about mixing in the colors into the dough.
Ok, all up to date on Julie. And we canceled her allergist appointment that we were supposed to go to last week. Since we knew the culprit, and the allergist did not want her coming into his office with whooping cough, we figured we would get her tested at a later date if we feel it it still necessary.

I am looking forward to our schedule being back to normal! Plus, we have some exciting happenings this week! More to come on that later!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Long Week, or Two

Ok, well, summer just keeps moving along!

Julie has been a little out of commission since developing a nasty cough last week. Her symptoms were very similar to when she was in the hospital last winter, so of course John and I (and Memere and Grandma) were on high alert. We never ended up in the emergency room, though the thought crossed our mind more than once. We did end up at the Doctors office 4 times in the last 2 weeks and have at least 2 appointments this week, one of them being with a pediatric allergist in Santa Barbara. We are hoping he can help us find the triggers to the cough, or at least rule some out!
That being said, here is all the other stuff we did besides being home with a sick girl. And not all....

The kids had swim lessons with an awesome swim coach. Julie didn't get to do it all the days because of her cough, but she had fun the days she got to go.
And of course, she helped her little brother kick.
We took Andy to get his hair cut. I had cut it quite a few times, but we decided it was time for a big boy hair cut.

He sat there like a champ and got a sucker when he was done. He was so proud of himself!

Then we went to the fair! The kids and Dad went on the Carousel. I went on the flying elephants with them, and almost got sick, so I sat the Carousel out!
I know this is a bad picture, but the Carousel goes faster than one would think!!
And our cow polk had a great day. they loved the animals and the snow cones and their souvenirs, which they wore to the grocery store this morning and we got some great looks!
Giddy up!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Awesome Picture Upload

So apparently this whole parenting thing keeps a person pretty busy! People have been asking what my kids are up to this summer and I have been saying, "Nothing out of the ordinary, school, gymnastics, other stuff." But I think I have been lying! Between soccer, swim lessons, concerts in the park, play dates, trips to the zoo, Avila Valley Barn, the beach....ok, I better stop now....we have been on the move!

Trust me, I am not complaining! I love being out and doing fun stuff with my family. But it does explain the lack of blogging. Therefore, I am going to post a bunch of pictures that would probably normally be their own blog.

First, a spectacular embarrassing picture. Sorry Andy. We went berry picking. We got almost a full basket and made it back with over a half a basket! Most successful berry trip yet!
We got a visit from Everett and his amazing parents! Julie was so proud of herself getting to hold such a tiny baby!

Of course Daddy got in on the action too. Surprisingly, Everett didn't give in to John's power of putting babies to sleep (I am not being sarcastic or rude, he is just naturally amazing at it!).

Andy was more excited about Everett's car seat, but give them a year and I am sure they will be BFF's, just like their mommies!

Then we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo for Memere's Birthday!
The kids had a great time sliding down the hill. Julie totally got the hang of it and was doing all sorts of crazy moves. The loved it!

Ok....Mom had a little fun too.

And what does all this wild fun lead too?
A nap!! It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I even get in on the action!
There you go, up to date!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Boy Bed

About a week ago, Andy woke up from his nap, jumped out of his bed and found Daddy in the living room. Not a huge deal, except he was sleeping in a crib! Andy is a daredevil and has no problem climbing, jumping, sliding, swinging, whatever! So basically, him being able to climb out of his crib, was a no go!

So Daddy put together his big boy bed. His crib was transformable, just like Julie's. Except his went into a twin bed. We decided to skip the toddler bed and go for it.

When he first climbed up, he was so excited! Then, within minutes, he was fast asleep.
He transitioned so well! In fact, the first few mornings, he didn't realize he could get down all by himself without having us get him (or hurting himself) so he called for us to come get him up!

And every night, when I lay him down, he pats the pillow next to him and says "Momma Nighnight?" I can never resist just a quick snuggle.

And of course, he has even had a visitor from time to time, but he doesn't seem to mind.
I can't believe how big my little man has become. Even though he was only 3 days younger than Julie was when we put her in her toddler bed, I am amazed at how very different they are.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

This morning we got up and headed to our (very) small hometown parade! It was perfect. We sat on the side of the road and watched boy scouts, girl scouts, Grandma and Pop-Pop in the woodie, firetrucks and people performing with wheel barrels.

Andy looked adorable, as always. His shirt says "Made in the USA" This is a silly picture of Julie, but I think my mom looks beautiful!
Apparently it was not Julie's day for pictures. Her shirt says "miss independence" Fitting.

Look at these little besties. I love how much these girls love each other!

This picture was taken as my mom was pouring Pixie Sticks (aka straight sugar) into Andy's mouth. What are Memere's for, right?

And what is a small, home town festival without some face painting! Julie had a shooting star across her face that was easily mistaken for cat whiskers. But she didn't seem to mind.

After the festivities, we went home and rested a bit. Then headed out to watch a community band for a while. Julie is kind of obsessed with bands right now, so she loved it! Then it was out to Grandma and Pop-Pops for some wonderful dinner.
A great day with great friends and family! And now, both kids sleeping soundly. Happy Birthday America!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Soccer Mom

Welp, it is official! I am a soccer mom! We took Julie to her second practice tonight. At this young age, they don't actually have games or teams, but she plays with about 10 other little kids and one amazing coach and has so much fun.

They played a few different chasing games, while kicking the ball. One time, they were all fish and the coach was a shark. Very cute. Another they had to knock cones over using the ball. It was a clever way to keep them interested. I could not believe how well the coach kept their attention and made sure every child was included.

Here is the girl waiting patiently for her turn on the field. She enjoyed watching the big kids (aka 4 year olds) but she was ready to get out and play! Look at that face! No doubt she is having a blast.
Running all over the field!

Look at the concentration. Seriously, she was that serious.

And who, you may ask, is Julie's biggest fan??
Has to be this guy!!