Monday, August 29, 2016

4th, 3rd, TK!

Whelp, that summer flew by! It is time for school once again! And everyone is so excited!! The first morning started off great, everyone was happy and couldn't get ready fast enough. We had PLENTY of time for pictures and walking to school.

 Yay! All the kids at the same school! It is going to be a big year! I can't believe Sadie is up the hill with her big siblings.
 Daddy was able to get off for a few minutes to bring Sadie into her first day. She barely looked back at us, she was so excited. She has lots of sweet friends in her class, a few from her preschool and I am sure she will be friends with everyone in the class in no time at all.
This school year is off to a great start!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Big Trip to Oregon!

This summer, our big family vacation was to Oregon! We were so excited to go up and spend time with the Banks family.

The kids had been missing her cousins like crazy. Sadie and Lauren were inseparable.
 We had some pretty silly times while we were there. It was so fun just hanging out, spending time together.
 And maybe getting tickled a little.
 We tried to take a nice picture, its hard to get a good shot of everyone but this one turned out pretty awesome. Can't believe how big these babies are getting.
 Uncle Justin got us tickets to the Eugene Emeralds baseball game. We all had a lot of fun. The stadium was beautiful. The kids loved the bounce houses and blow up slides they had. Oh, and the ice cream of course.
 Say cheese Memere!
 John found his long lost cousin!!! Can you see the family resembulance?
 We went to a great U-pick farm. We picked berries and peaches. It was a lovely day. And Julie posed in front of the chickens for me. They were hers, afterall.
 Jemma loved her big cousin. Julie loved helping take care of her and carrying her when she got tired. They really bonded over this trip.
 Yay! Of course I was happy to see this guy.
 All 5 of them!
 We went on a hike up the highest peak in Eugene. Sadie and Lauren were hiking buddies.
 The top was amazing. We just sat up at the top for a while and enjoyed the view.
 We also went to a Natural History Museum that was part of the University of Oregon. Andy could have spent the entire day there, and we almost did. He loved all the history of the area. He especially loved this giant creature's fossilized bones.
 Silly Cousins!
 Anna and Elsa stopped by for a visit too!
 John and I had a chance to go on a date while we were there. Of course we had to go over and check out Springfield. The Simpsons mural was pretty great. We also saw Moe's Tavern. But we didn't go in, looked pretty questionable!
 These 5. They love each other so. This was after a super game of mini golf!
 We had so much fun in Oregon. We can't wait to go again!! We fit a lot in, but we can never get enough of our cousins!