Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Father Daughter Dance 2016

It was pretty fun getting the girls ready for the dance this year. Julie wanted her hair curled. Which means Sadie wanted her hair curled. 
 These sisters looked beautiful! And were so excited to go out with Daddy.

 Tyson was great enough to bring his good camera to the dance. He shared some awesome shots of my hunk and the girls. And yes, Sadie had a last minute wardrobe change. She decided the purple was more fancy.
 I love the green in the back ground. and how grown up is Julie all of a sudden?
 I think John got his workout carrying and dancing with this little one. Julie was with her friends a lot of the time, Sadie had friends there too but she took a little longer to warm up.
While they were at the dance, Andy and I enjoyed Kung Fu Panda and some awesome video games. When we got home, we watched nature shows, Andy's choice of course. It is always fun to have some one on one time with this handsome boy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Whelp, it happened, we had our first broken bone. Julie won the award by fracturing her wrist on December 15th. She was such a trouper and was mostly upset she was late for school! Since it was her right wrist, we were lucky she only had a few days of school before break. Writing was a little difficult with her bright orange cast!
 Not to be outdone, right after Christmas Andy fell off the top bunk and broke his collar bone! I know! These two. Andy had a slightly harder time getting used to the sling. He had to sleep sitting up and since it wasn't protected like Julie's cast, he had to be really careful about bumping it. And about getting hugs.
But, being the amazing healthy kids that they are, they both healed wonderfully. Julie got her cast off 6 weeks after injury. Andy was able to stop wearing his sling after 5 weeks then could be back to his silly, wild self after another 2. Both were very happy to have both arms back!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Julie Turns 9

It is so cool that as the kids get older, they can not only tell you what they want for their birthday parties, but they can also arrange them themselves! This year Julie told us exactly what she wanted. Friends for pedicures, dinner and a slumber party. She picked the friends, made the invitations and arranged everything.

And, as an added bonus, she has some pretty sweet friends. I had a blast chaperoning these girls to the pedi's. They were nothing but manners and giggles the whole time.
Dinner was just as great. A table for them, a table for us. These girls are the cutest.
 And you really can't beat the Madonna Inn cakes! Sadie had a hard time letting the big girls do their thing. But Julie let her help blow out the birthday candle, so all was well.
 Every day we are so proud of our big girl. She makes us laugh, makes us question and makes us better people. She has a heart of gold mixed with a little sass. We love you Julie Bess!