Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sweet Heart

Julie is 2. Lately, she has been acting 2. She has always been very opinionated, strong willed, but lately it seems to be escalating at a rapid pace.

John worked a double today and the last few days have been hectic with the holiday and all, a break in the kids normal routine. To say I was tired by this evening would be an understatement. So I did something I NEVER do, I turned on a movie for the kids.

We watched A Muppet's Christmas Carol, one of my all time favorites.

So all 3 of us cuddled up in the big chair watching, and in the very beginning of the movie, there is a little mouse that is homeless looking. He looks at Scrooge and says "Can I have some cheese please?"

Of course, Scrooge ignores him completely.

Julie looked at me with the SADDEST look I have ever seen from her and says "Can he come to Julie's house and get some cheese? Mommy, he needs some cheese, can we give him some??"

With that one little scene and that one little question, she understood the entire movie, the entire point, the entire meaning of Love.

My 2 year old may be 2, but she gets it, and reminds me (and all of us) of love and patience, giving and compassion.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

There is much to be thankful for in the Hunter Home this year. Here is a shortlist:

  • Little girls who take a bite of their pumpkin pancakes and say "Mmm Mommy, this is good, thank you!"
  • Little boys who want to kiss and hug on every woman in sight
  • Daddy's who read the "Kitty Book" over and over even though he strongly dislikes that book
  • Grandparents who watch sick kids even though they know they are still contagious
  • Friends who watch kids so movies can be seen
  • Morning runs without pushing a 60 pound stroller
  • New babies for dear friends and family
  • Clear snot...or better yet, no snot
  • Pecan pie with a T-rex cut out
  • Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Friends
  • A job where co-workers miss you when you are gone, and you miss them
  • A house that will never be clean and you will never be able to find anything but everyone is cozy and happy
  • A little family who loves having family hugs in the kitchen

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. What is on your shortlist?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Laying Low

All the Hunters are sick. Julie and Andy have colds and coughs, ours have not quite progressed into a cough, but I have a feeling it is coming.

This morning I made the kids a bed on the floor and we have been vegging out on Elmo. Other than that, we have been attempting to come up with a way to entertain our wild, but sick and unable to go to the park, children. Last night, we had horse races in the living room.

It is very serious business. Julie won, but not by much!
So, it has been pretty quiet on the Hunter Homestead. John found out he is going to day shift next year (hooray!) which will be a huge adjustment for the better! Julie is still doing great in school and has gotten tall all of a sudden. Andy has more words every day! He says "car" "peakaboo" "ball" "horse" and of course "Momma" and "Julie". He is still a little love bug. I can not believe it is almost Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 16, 2009

So Excited!

I have always used this blog to keep track of how amazingly cute my children are. I was excited to have a way to remember these little moments that I knew would get lost in our crazy busy lives.

Then, my talented, amazing friend Jenny told me about this website where you can turn your own blog into a book! So, that is what I did.

My book goes from my first post until Andy's first birthday. I am going to make a book for them every year, kind of like a modern day scrap book.
When I got these in the mail today, I was so happy with the quality too! They were very easy to make and so fun! I can't wait for Julie and Andy to read them to their kids (sigh)!

Thanks again Jenny, you are a wonderful friend and I miss you terribly!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome Sophia Emilia!

Today I went over to Visalia to see my beautiful cousin Summer and her amazing new baby! Sophia Emilia was born Sunday evening, a healthy 7 lbs 6 ozs and 19 inches long.
She is Summer and Emmanuel's first baby, but I have to say, they are naturals! They brought Sophia home yesterday and they already seemed to have a routine down. Summer could tell when she was hungry, wet, etc. This is one happy baby! And beautiful too!

Since it was a holiday, I go to see Sophia's Grammie too (aka, my Aunt Joanne) so that was a real treat!
Congratulations, dear Cousin, and thank you for letting me come over to see the new addition! I can't wait to see you all again!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Quick Andy Story

This morning I was sitting on the edge of our bed putting my shoes on, about to go to work and Andy crawled over to me and grabbed my side with both hands and said "tickle, tickle!" He had a huge grin on his face, it was so funny!

He hadn't walked much since the night he took his first steps, but now he is walking all over the place! He is still wobbly, and you can tell one leg is stronger, because he usually goes a little cricked, but he is getting pretty good!

How did he grow up so fast!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Actual Halloween

On Halloween, the kids and I did a little trick or treating, went to visit Grandma Hazel and ended up at the carnival at the Community Center with Heather and Lina! At farmers market a few nights before, Julie saw cheerleaders in action and has been very excited about them ever since. So, she switched her costume mid celebration, and was a cheerleader.

This was with her cupcake from the cupcake walk. She never actually won, but Andy did. So she got a cupcake. I told Julie to give her brother a hug for sharing his cupcake. She did.
Then she enjoyed a few games while I chased Andy around the hall. Luckily, between Heather and I, we were able to keep the kids under control....or at least within eye sight...most of the time.

And here is the sweet farmer man who was just happy to be wherever the action is.

We had a great Halloween and the first words out of Julie's mouth this morning were "Can I have some candy???"