Monday, November 17, 2014

Sadie's Yellow and Owl Party!

Sadie was very specific this year and wanted her two favorite things at her birthday this year. Owls and the color yellow.  She let me throw a little pink in here and there too.
 She had a lot of fun hanging out with her friends. We know the best kids. Everyone got along well, played nicely together and had a bunch of fun.
 Sadie has turned into quite the ham when the camera comes out. But boy is she adorable!
 Her friend from school came and he was sporting a Boston Red Sox hat. So of course he fit right in!
 Sadie INSISTED that we put a bunch of candles in her cupcake. I explained over and over that because she was 3 she should have 3 candles. She didn't care. She wanted 8 candles. So she got 8 candles.
 And of course she blew them all out! Our awesome neighbor Beth got this shot, so perfect!

Sweet family trying to stay warm! It was cool and windy. The kids didn't notice since they were running around like crazy.
 Chilly sisters!
 Symantha and Sadie! We have a cute picture from Andy's birthday with him and Symantha in the same spot. She is so great to them.
 Sadie had a lot of help opening her presents. But she didn't seem to mind.
 Where is Sadie???
 She still came out holding the gifts, so it all worked out!
Happy birthday to our big 3 year old. I can't believe you're 3, the time has gone so fast. Julie made you a birthday card and called you the best little sister in the world. You truly are, we love you!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Couple More Cousins

Just wanted to add a couple cousin pictures, because it is so much fun watching them all enjoy each other.
 Julie read them a few books. Veda loved listening to her.
 Sadie and Veda liked being twinsies. I'm not sure why Sadie looks so huge in this picture, but they are very similar in size.
It was great having them out for a visit. We love our cousins!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Night

Well, Halloween was WET! It had not rained on the central coast for 190 days. And it POURED on Halloween. We were all so happy to see the rain, but also a little overhwelmed with the chaos of the rain. Since we aren't used to it, we were scrounging up umbrellas and trying to stay dry.

We were so excited, though, that we got to have Halloween with some awesome cousins! Carter came and trick or treated. So did Veda and Clive! It was so special to have the cousins to walk and get drenched with.
 Carter was a pirate! Just like me! Veda was a sparkley butterfly princess. Clivey was the cutest little monkey man!
 All three girls ended up being princesses. They were so sweet.
There were also many adults there, also getting drenched.  But fun was had by all and the rain was much appreciated!