Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Morning Funnies

Julie: "Mommy, you look silly in that shirt!"
Me: "Thank you supportive, loving daughter"
Julie: "Welcome"

As told by Memere.
Julie: shoves Andy over
Memere: "Julie! You do not push your brother, someday very soon he will be bigger than you!"
Julie: "Well I won't push him then!!"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Celebrating the Man

This is the type of weekend that just drills into me how incredibly lucky I am to have John.

It all started with our anniversary get away. John made all the arrangements to stay at Madonna Inn for the night! We got there and checked into our VERY PINK room! It was so fun! The walls were covered in pink rose wallpaper and that enormous chair was made of silver vinyl. Awesome.
There was a huge fireplace that was so pretty and warm. And it was accompanied by this sign. We followed the recommendation.
The bathroom was probably the best part of the room. The sinks were made out of rock. Seriously, rock. same with the shower. And look at those mirrors. Think Flintstones meat Barbie. Yeah, so cool!
How sweet was it that John had a bottle of champagne sent up? Yum!
More than once we visited the beautiful pool and hot tubs. The pool was heated to the point of feeling like bath water. So even at 10 pm, it was an amazing swim.
The next morning we got up super early (yes, we were both awake by 6:30 even though there were no children there to wake us up) and went to the Pismo Car Show before heading home to the pumpkins who didn't seem to miss us in the slightest, though they both cried when Memere left.

It was so nice to get away, even though we stayed close to home.

Then, today we celebrated fathers day as soon as John got home from work. We had Grandpa Mel and Grandma CC over for dinner and John showed off his Fathers Day gift from Mel. (look at his arm!!)
Yes, it is totally fake.

And he showed off the gift that I made him. I should have made him cook so he could use it, but I figured he should get to pick dinner on Fathers Day, so we had meatloaf.
Yup, we Hunters are pretty lucky to have this big guy. Not really sure what we would do without him. Love you Daddy Hunter!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bock Bock kids love chickens.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Adding Up

I have quite a few Julie sayings and stories adding up, and a silly Andy one, so here they go!

We were riding in John's truck where the kids sit side by side (they are a seat a part in my car...thank goodness!) and Andy was not listening to Julie when she was telling him to give her his drink. She kept saying "Let me have a drink brother! Share with me, cooperate." Finally, fed up, she shouted to the front seat "Andy is not cooperating!!"

A few weeks ago she was sitting on the potty and she noticed a few of the light bulbs in the light fixture were burnt out. There are 8 total, so we don't really miss them, or replace them, til the last one goes out. She looked at me and asked, "Mommy, how long have the filaments been broken in those light bulbs?" I gave her a blank stare and asked her who taught her that word. She said, "Daddy said that the electricity comes through the two prongs that make a V and then lights up the filament. When the filament breaks, the light bulb doesn't work any more......I'm done going potty." Yeah, my mouth was on the floor. Thanks Daddy for making out 3 year old smarter than me.

We are having a new friend come over this weekend and I told Julie she was coming for dinner. After the usual questions of "Does she have a brother for Andy?" and "What is her daddy's name?" I informed her that this girl was a big kid like our buddy Dawson. She said, "Oh, she is 5 and goes to kindergarten (pronounced kind garden)?" Yup, she sure is.

On the way home just now, Julie noticed a cloud in the distance. She asked how the cloud got there. I told her that when the ocean got warm, the water evaperated and went into the sky and when there was enough of it, it formed a cloud.
She pondered a moment and said, "Then when the clouds get to heavy from all the water the rain comes down."
Me: "Yup"
Julie: "Then the rain goes back into the ocean."
Me: "yup"
Julie: "Then it starts all over again and the water gets warm and goes into the sky to make the cloud and the rain........"
Can't blame dad for opening that can of worms!

We went to the beach the other day and Julie told me she had to go potty. So we went up the beach and to the very crowded, loud bathroom. After sitting on the potty for a moment, Julie shouts to me "This is NOT going to work!"

OK, this one is my favorite.

Two nights ago I was having a hard time getting Julie to bed. She kept getting up, asking for water, a hug, etc. So finally I shut her door and it got pretty quiet in there. Then I noticed the light was on. I went in and she was in her ladybug outfit playing and dancing in the mirror. I turned off the light and told her it was bed time, no more playing. She replied, "Mom, this is my sad face, but you can't see it because YOU turned off the light!" (this is where Mom had to walk away)

Now Andy.

While Julie was at school the other day John and Andy came by my work to bring me lunch. Andy was enjoying all the attention he was getting from my doting coworkers. We went from office to office and he said "HI" and told everyone his name was "Andy" and gave hugs. Someone asked "Where is your sister?" He stopped and instantly looked concerned. He looked around and yelled, "Sis?! Sis?!" then shrugged and continued walking! Funny little man!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finally Summer!!

We have been having some computer issues the last week, hence the quietness on the blog!

Thank God summer is here!! And we have been enjoying it to the fullest! Last weekend we started out the day at Avila Valley Barn. We all love it there and even got to go on a tractor ride out to the peach orchard. So fun!

Of course the kids still love feeding the animals the most. Julie dressed herself. I think she looks beautiful!
Chickens are for sure Andy's favorite animals at the barn. He feeds them most of his lettuce, even though they don't like it. And if they are loose, he will chase them and get really sad when he can't catch them. If he gets close, he leans over and tries to kiss them!
Climbing on the hay bails.
Then, Sunday we went to Lina's third birthday party! It was a pool party which meant the kids were in heaven. It was a nice day, perfect for a pool party!
Julie remembered everything from her swim lessons last year and immediately started blowing bubbles and floating on her back. By the time we got out, she taught Andy to blow bubbles too!
I didn't get too many pictures of the party, but here is Lina with the lunch bag I made her. She is starting preschool soon, so that is what Heather asked for. She is such a sweet big girl!
This morning it was supposed to be really warm, so we loaded up with Uncle Jus and Auntie Audrey and hit the beach! It was the prettiest beach day I have ever seen! When we got there at 10:30 am it was 84 degrees. When we left at 12:45, it was 90!!

Andy LOVES the water. Every wave that hit him, he laughed and said "woah!" or "more!" I couldn't get any pictures of them in the water because my hands needed to be free for wipe outs!
Julie found a stick!
Digging a hole with Dad. Yup, pretty sweet hole!
Well, I think we successfully wore him out. Time to head home.
We are loving the warm weather and spending time with each other. The kids are playing so well together all of a sudden, I think it is easier since we are outside so much. But whatever the reason, we will take it and love every minute of it!