Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter started out with a wonderful scooter ride! This Easter was our first holiday in our new house! We all got up and the Easter bunny had come so the kids tore through their baskets and found all kinds of things for their new rooms. They were very excited. But at that point, I had yet to find my camera, so I got no pictures. It was quite the mess anyway, so probably better off.
After baskets we got all gussied up and went to church with Memere. They had an egg hunt there that was a huge hit. (Notice the one at his feet....he didn't! He ended up kicking it and running off)
Julie was hard to find because she was all over the place finding eggs. Both kids filled their buckets.

Then it was back to Memere's for breakfast and a few more Easter goodies.

When we got home, the Easter Bunny had come back to our house and hid eggs (he can't see in the dark, ya know). The kids were so excited.

Around dinner time, most of the family came over for Easter Pizza! We had Memere, Grammy and Pop-pop, Grandma Hazel, Grandpa and CC, Uncle Hal and Auntie Arlene, Cousins Stephen and Sarah and Christina, Brian and this brown eyed boy.....
Brian was convicted of some heinous crime and spent much time in jail. Julie had evidence that she got at the store so he was locked up tight.
I am so bad at taking pictures of adults, I only ever take pictures of the kids! I will really have to work on that. I will also take more pictures of the house as we get settled, but here is a little teaser....Happy Easter!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Soccer Studs

Today the kids started soccer again....well, again for Julie, but for the first time for Andy!
Andy was so excited to get to play soccer with Coach Logan just like Julie does. He was such a good listener and played the whole time. He scored a few goals with very little help from his hands.
I didn't get any pictures of his face because he was seriously concentrating on the ball the whole time. And it was bright out.
But he took the whole thing very seriously and had a really good time. It is so nice to have him be a big kid who gets to do all the cool things that Sissy does! I love the Soccer Stamp!Then it was Julie's turn. To say that she has improved would be a major understatement. She is doing so well, focusing, listening to the coach and kicking the ball all over the place. She had so much fun scoring goals.
Notice the concentration.....
She kept up with those boys no problem, even showed them a thing or two.
I am so proud of my soccer playing kids! They get out there and have fun and listen to every word the coach says.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011



Last night we went to the shoe store. I happened to find an awesome pair of Buzz Lightyear sandals on clearance! They were just right for Andy for this summer, so he put them on, put his tennis shoes in the box and off we went. After carrying around the box for a few minutes he said, "Mommy, Memere gave me these shoes. We better give them back to her." I reassured him it was ok for him to keep them.


Tonight we were watching a show on TV where kids had to make a family tree. One of the girls was Japanese and she drank tea and ate with chopsticks. Now, Julie, being a kid who loves her sushi, eats with chopsticks and drinks miso soup, figured she too, was Japanese. We politely told her that she was not Japanese. She proceeded to stomp into her room and pout.