Wednesday, March 9, 2016


One great thing about the kids getting older is they are getting better and more involved in their sports. And with basketball, I am lucky enough to be their coach! 
 This year they were on different teams, since Julie is in an older division now. They both missed the first part of the season thanks to their injuries. But when they got back on the court, they did great. Julie is really getting to be a great ball handler and her defense, as always, is her strong suit. The girls team was so much fun. They were sassy, but very fun and loving.
 Andy enjoys playing, he loves being out there with his buddies. He did great this year, much more involved, tried his hardest and made lots of awesome plays. And he still gives me a hug at each quarter and time out.
I really lucked out on both my teams this year and am so proud of my big kids for being examples to their teammates and for having a great attitude even though they didn't get to play the whole season.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hair Cut!!

If you remember, Julie cut her hair and donated it a year and a half ago. Sadie all of a sudden started talking about how Sissy did that and how she wanted to be like her. I didn't believe her at first because she talks a lot about cutting her hair but always changes her mind at the last minute.

But this time it stuck and she wanted to cut her hair and donate it. So we did!!  It was so long and so hard to keep up with. The lady who cut her hair was so sweet to her and even got a little teared up when we were all done. 
 Sadie LOVES her new do. She loves being able to brush her own hair and not needing to have it braided and de-tangled every day. She loves that she has hair like Sissy now!  She looks so much older, like a totally different kid. But we all love it and think it suits our big girl!