Tuesday, April 5, 2011



Last night we went to the shoe store. I happened to find an awesome pair of Buzz Lightyear sandals on clearance! They were just right for Andy for this summer, so he put them on, put his tennis shoes in the box and off we went. After carrying around the box for a few minutes he said, "Mommy, Memere gave me these shoes. We better give them back to her." I reassured him it was ok for him to keep them.


Tonight we were watching a show on TV where kids had to make a family tree. One of the girls was Japanese and she drank tea and ate with chopsticks. Now, Julie, being a kid who loves her sushi, eats with chopsticks and drinks miso soup, figured she too, was Japanese. We politely told her that she was not Japanese. She proceeded to stomp into her room and pout.

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