Sunday, May 22, 2011


We have had so many new things happening in our lives lately. Seemingly the big thing of selling the old, tiny house and moving into a larger, newer rental. That seems like a big deal, right?? Until I tell you the reason we did it......

We are having a new baby! The Hunters 4 are going to turn into the Hunters 5!!

John and I decided a while ago that we wanted another baby. We knew that it would not be ideal to stay in the house we were in, for many reasons (size, expense, etc) so we put it on the market and got a great feeling when 3 days later we had 4 offers. We knew, without a doubt, we did the right thing when just a few weeks later, we got pregnant.

A few weeks ago we told the kids. We were sitting at the dinner table and Julie was harassing John about wanting another brother and another sister. She has done this a few times and it is really funny. But this time, John had a different response. He told her we would be having one or the other, but probably not both. She was so excited that Mommy has a baby in her tummy. Andy was a little confused about the whole thing, for a while, he thought there was a baby in his tummy!! He is starting to get it a litle more now and is rubbing my belly every once in a while. He even kisses it some times.

Julie instantly started with the questions. Good questions like, "Does the baby have a heart?" "Where does the baby get its blood?" "Is the baby going potty in your belly?"

And one of my favorite conversations I have ever had with her:
Julie: "Mommy, is the baby going to get peepee on it when it comes out?" (she knows how they come out)
Me: "Maybe, but that s ok, Daddy will give him or her a bath as soon as they are born."
Julie: "Why aren't you going to give the baby a bath??"
Me: "I will probably be tired"
Julie: "Yeah, and your privates are going to be really owie!!"

Another fun one was when she asked how the baby was getting its food. So I explained a little about umbilical cords and how we all had them, that is why we have belly buttons. She asked what happened to hers and I told her the truth, that Daddy cut it off. (Evil, yes) She seemed ok with that, especially after I told her that he cut off Andy's too. John was at work at the time, but I can guarantee he got some questions from her when he got home.
Today we took the kids to the doctor with us and he did a little ultra sound, so they got to see their little brother or sister. Andy was concerned that it was hurting Mommy, but after being reassured, he was intrigued. I am not sure if they fully understood what they were looking at, but it sure makes it more real for me.

So she is excited, and convinced it is a sister, we are excited, and I know Andy will be more and more excited as he starts understanding more. The new babe is due to arrive around November 24th, which happens to fall on Thanksgiving this year. Sounds like a great time for a birthday to me! Andy will be 3. Julie will almost be 5. And it will be awesome.


heidi said...

yea!!! Congrats Hunter Family!!!

Memere/Mom/Ann said...

Exciting, indeed, on so very many levels.

Kayla said...

It will be awesome! Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rachel and the other Hunter 3 and upcoming 4 :D Anne.