Friday, June 17, 2011


On Wednesday morning, I brought the kids into work with me to meet Grandma, like I do every Wednesday. While we were waiting, a very excited husband called to say that Bess's baby was on the way. When Grandma got there, she was even more excited!

All day, I was on pins and needles waiting for the news.

Then it came, our niece, Veda, had arrived. And she was perfect, and Momma Bess was doing great.

John is getting ready to go see the new addition, and I can't hide the fact that I am more than a little jealous he gets to snuggle this bundle of love before I do. We are so happy for you Bess and Matt, and can't wait to get to see her and watch the amazing parents I know you will be.

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Bess Anne said...

Veda says she can't wait till she gets to cuddle you and her cousins.