Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Last Few Weeks

I have been so bad about blogging!! I have cut down to half time at work, which was much needed and very welcome. It has been 2 weeks now, the first week John was off and Bess and Matt and Veda were in town. I had a doctor appointment, both kids went to the dentist (where they told us Julie's bottom front teeth are a little loose!!) and Andy had his 3 year well check (he is super healthy, has advanced vocabulary and is in the 87 percentile for height and 93 percentile for weight). That was a busy week. Then last week was catch up. So I am sure I will get some rest in before this babe comes. Or not.

Either way, we are getting there! So here is a major picture upload from the last two weeks.

Our little cowpoke riding Lady. Julie was even controlling the reigns and was so proud!

The Colony Days Parade is always a blast and this year was no exception. Just look at these happy faces!

Wild bunch!!
And of course, hanging out with our buddies. You could only sit with them if you had a cool hat.
Julie acted like the first lady in the train. Waving at everyone.
I am so bummed that this is the only picture I got of Veda while she was here! Not a single cousin picture! But we are all so in love with her. I got to spend a bunch of time snuggling her and the kids would run up, kiss her, rub her back and run off. She is such a happy sweet, content babe. She reminds me of Julie. Already showing a little independence.
We took the kids to a new pumpkin patch and had fun playing the new camera lens Memere got us. (Thanks Mom!!)
Yeah, they are hams.

Kiss the baby!
My view of Andy these days.
That is the sweetest face! But don't let him fool you!
Not a huge fan of this picture, but there is the baby bump, in all her glory. This was taken at about 34 weeks.
Yeah, we have fun. Every day, something fun is happening. Today we stayed home ALL DAY and enjoyed each other. Julie wasn't feeling 100% so we took advantage. Julie, before she went to sleep, asked if we could have another day just like today. I think we needed it after all the fun.

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