Monday, March 4, 2013

T-ball and Other Silliness

Well, things have been nice and quiet around wait, that's a lie. It has been loud and busy and fun...just like normal.

After we were all well again, we got back to our silly ways.  Sadie took it upon herself to make sure Julie got enough popcorn.  (notice Sadie's mouth wide open and the "help me!" look on Julie's face)
Julie brings home a homework packet every week. Andy has decided that since he is going to kindergarten in August (we signed him up last week, its official!) that he needs to do "homework" as well. So he works on his workbook while Julie does her homework and I cook dinner.
The weather has been amazing!! So we have been taking advantage.
Julie dressed her and Sadie alike last weekend. The looked like a "me and mini-me" walking around together all day. So sweet!
The big kids always include her. It is really heart warming.
Andy started t-ball last week! So far, he is in love. His coach is great, full of energy and wonderful with the kids.

Here he is on 3rd base. We told him to get ready....
And this is what he did! Goofball!
He got some great hits off the tee!
Right after I took this one, the next player hit a ball into the outfield and Andy ran out there to field it! 
I just couldn't resist this randomness. I walked into the kitchen tonight and Sadie was just hanging out with a fishing pole and her owl.
Today we went to lunch at a pizza place and the kids wanted to play games. They were perfectly happy playing without actually putting money in. Then some construction guys came in to play ski ball. The kids were enjoying watching them and when the guys were done, one turned and gave all their tickets to Julie and Andy! Julie's eyes got huge and she thanked them 10 times. It was so sweet.
Sadie just kept on driving.
This past weekend, we went to multiple birthday parties, had a fun play date with Julie's friends from school and had a family dinner with Uncle Monster and Auntie Kay.  Never a dull moment in this house, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


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You are all so totally awesome.

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