Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Handsome!

Yesterday was this guys birthday. Yup, he is pretty swell. Yesterday we all got up, the kids rushed into our room with cards for Daddy. After breakfast, we headed off to the beach for a walk. He didn't even complain when I made him take a picture before we left.  Daddy and all his kiddos.
Me and my birthday boy!
Sadie insisted on taking a picture with me too.  Love her!
The walk turned into a "play in the water and sand" outing, but we won't complain. John and I sat in the sand and talked while the kids ran around playing.
After some lunch and a nap, we headed off to the fair. The kids were really excited. We didn't go last year, so it was exceptionally fun.

The kids rode some rides, and we got to walk through all the vendors.  The kids loved the pony rides. Andy was on Ladybug. Julie's horse was named Princess. Unfortunately, that picture came out blurry.
Here is Sadie on Cinnamon. She got on and immediately started waving and yelling, "Bye Momma!!"
The big kids got to be farmers in a fun little play. They loved being up on stage and got to answer questions on how to make plants grow.
It was pretty adorable.
Even though we didn't do anything over the top, I think John had a pretty good birthday.  So until next year, happy birthday to the best husband, Daddy and friend anyone could ask for!

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