Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Super Fun Weekend

This weekend, after a couple of awesome soccer games, we decided to head down to Santa Barbara for a little family time at the zoo. We have been so busy! It was nice to get away for a bit, just the 5 of us. We go to that zoo a lot, but it's still fun and special.

Sadie was obsessed with the snakes. She liked all the other animals too, even made animal noises all throughout the zoo. But the snakes won her over. Of course Julie and Andy told her everything there was to know about the creatures. By the time we left, she wanted to be a snake for Halloween!
Andy always loves the zoo. He wants to know everything about every animal. Especially the ones that were around when the dinosaurs were around.
Sadie was totally hamming it up for me. She cracks me up with her cheesy smile.
The train is always a highlight. Sadie sat so still the whole time. She wants to do everything her brother and sister are doing. I think Andy could ride the train all day long.
After the zoo we went to eat. Sadie watched Julie fill out her menu and couldn't wait to do the same. I just love what a good example Julie is and how Sadie soaks her up!
And to top the day off, we got some ice cream.
It was such a fun family outing. The zoo is always so much fun!

The next morning we picked up Memere and headed to Cambria to see the Scarecrows.  We had never been, so it was a fun adventure. For the most part, I let Julie use my camera. She got a couple good shots.  Sadie picked out her own clothes, by the way.
One of Julie's more artistic shots.
Julie and Andy with the Addam's Family. 
Julie and Andy were so excited about the "Giving Tree" scarecrow. It was John's favorite. My favorite was a little Christmas Elf.....seems wrong to talk about in October, but he was so cool!
This one was the kids favorite. They loved the water coming out of his trunk and the crow on his nose.  It was so fun wondering all over the town finding all the scarecrows. We will definitely be going back next year to see the new scarecrows.
We had such a great weekend! Now that my work has slowed down a little, I am so looking forward to all the Halloween and fall outings!

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Christina said...

A snake for Halloween!! <3