Monday, September 22, 2014

A 6th Year Birthday Party!

Andy requested a Lego party this year! Well, it was hard to find a lot of Lego decorations, so we mostly went with bright Lego colors. He was happy.

 It was a beautiful day with lots of friends and family.

 Uncle Monster gave more than one piggy back ride.
 The best seats in the house....right next to the bounce house. Entertaining for kids to bounce and grown ups to watch.
 This is the kids favorite babysitter! They LOVE Symantha!
 Surrounded by his buddies. He couldn't be happier.
 Andy and Taylor. I can not tell you how sweet these two are.
 We were so lucky that Sophia was able to make it to Andy's party
 The birthday boy even took a break to love on great grandma Hazel.
And here I am with a tired Sadie. She partied til she laid down in the bounce house.

And that wrapped up Andy's 6 birthday. Happy day to our sweet, loving, caring, handsome boy. You are the peacemaker and comforter in our house. Always there with a kind word, building your loved ones up. We are all better people because of you, Andy-man. We love you!

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