Tuesday, February 3, 2015

8?! She can't be 8?!

How can my baby be 8 years old? She got to bring cupcakes to school on Friday. Her teacher is the cutest and obliged this Momma by taking a picture with the birthday girl.
Saturday night she had a couple of great friends over for pizza and a sleep over!  Nothing proves she's a big girl now like having a slumber party.

They all ate a bunch of pizza, then took a long time painting bird houses. They all turned out unique and cute. Plus the girls loved getting to take them home.
Of course there was cake too.
They look all snuggled and ready for sleep, but then we turned on Frozen. They watched contently for a bit. Then they had to get into position to sing along.
And sing they did. Look at Sadie in the middle there, trying to keep up with the big kids.
After an amazing 7.5 hours of sleep (I'm being serious here, I was expecting an hour, maybe 2) they all woke up ready for pancakes and presents!
Of course these cousins were front and center at the party. Just love their sweet little bed heads. And the big good night hugs I got as they snuggled into their sleeping bags.
As her last friend was pulling out of the driveway, Julie climbed back into bed and napped. It was only 9:30!  After the princess woke, we had lunch with Memere, Grampy, Grammy, Pop Pop, Auntie Arlene, Uncle Hal and Uncle Sean. She chose In n Out for her birthday lunch.  She even got some presents.
And when we got home, their were even more gifts on the porch waiting for her. She was feeling really loved. And really tired still from her sleep over, so she took yet another nap!

After she woke up for the 3rd time that day, she and Sadie tested out her new tablet from Mom and Dad. Sadie loved getting to listen to music with her big sister and we were so proud of Julie for so quickly sharing her new, big girl gift.
Happy Birthday to the girl who made us parents. You make us proud, laugh and maybe just a little crazy. We love you Julie Bess!!

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