Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Just Some Fun

Right before Mother's Day, we did the Miracle Miles race. Julie wasn't feeling well, so she hung out with Memere. But Sadie hung out in the backpack and Andy walked/jogged the whole race with us!

 Sadie was very proud of her number, even though she didn't actually run, at all. Mommy sure got her workout carrying Sadie 6 miles on her back though.
 On Mother's Day, we ended up at Avila Beach. It was a beautiful day.
 The kids humored me with a picture. I ended up with a yucky stomach bug, so the next few days were very quiet, I was in bed most of the time, and even once I was up and about again, I was moving very slowly. It hit me hard!
 At the end of May, Julie and Andy had "Creature Day" at school. Andy humored me and wore the turtle costume I made him for Halloween. He was ok with taking the ninja out of it for the occasion.
 Julie was a beautiful fairy. I didn't even think of that as a creature, but she did and it turned out very cute.
 We have been doing the Bob Jones Trail on the weekends, ending in Avila for breakfast. It is a lot of fun, the kids love it and it's great exercise for everyone. Sadie rode her bike all 5 miles this past week for the very first time. We were all so proud of her.
 After work yesterday, all the kids asked to go on a hike. So we did Jim Green Trail. It is so beautiful. The kids are starting to really enjoy hiking and feel a great sense of accomplishment when they finish. Here they are enjoying the view.
School ends this week and we have a fun, busy, exciting summer planned! I know it will go by fast, so we will all enjoy the ride!

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