Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Andy turns 7!! (WHAT?!?!)

Our sweet handsome boy turned 7 this month. I know. 7. I can't believe it either.  He started the day with soccer and fun with his soccer buddies. He played a great game and had fun telling everyone it was his birthday.
 On his birthday evening, we had his grandparents, aunts and uncles over for a little family celebration. We had pizza and cake.
 He got lots and lots of love from his sisters. They even picked out a very special gift for him, a Pokemon binder to keep his cards in. Julie thought of it all by herself.
 Happy Birthday Buddy!
 Oh yeah, of course there were presents. This kid is so loved.
 The next day we had a party at the skate park with a bunch of his buddies. This is the only picture I got. But! That just proves they had so much fun. I couldn't get pictures of them zooming all over the place on their scooters!
So happy birthday to our boy. I can't believe what a smart, sweet man you are and that you are all ours!

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