Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Time

Holy moly was this Christmas a whirlwind!! With the kids getting older, each event is more fun.  We are able to just hop in the car and do things on a whim. But, a lot of times, when we get places, they find friends and off they go. Its amazingly cool, and a little sad. But mostly great. 

We did get to see Santa at my work one night. Sadie insisted she wasn't going to cry. When we got up there, she did so good. She spoke to him and told him exactly what she wanted. She didn't get much choice on sitting on is lap because he just scooped her on up!
 We did the Margarita tree lighting as always with the Hammers. It is one of my favorite events, even though this year there was no soup. But we ended up with sushi, so we really can't complain.
 There was a lot of sitting around, enjoying our new home. It really does well with a tree in the living room. John also outdid himself on the outside, but of course, pictures can not do it justice.
 Christmas morning the kids were up early, happy, excited and sweet. They loved all their gifts.
 Especially the bunnies Santa brought them. Sadie named hers "Charlie Brown Snowball."  Julie's is "Colors" and Andy's is "Snoopy."  They are great fun and have a nice little home in the living room. They might be a bit spoiled.
After a bit we had some nice time with Memere and Grandpy before all the rest of the family showed up. Sadie loved her umbrella!

 Grandpy got the kids tool boxes. They loved them. Sadie made sure to wear her protective eye gear while working with her tools.
 This year we had some extra visitors! Cousins Lauren and Jemma were here for Christmas! Of course with Justin and Audrey too. They came in on Christmas night. We had all the family over for dinner. But I was cooking, talking, eating, so I didn't get any pictures. Darn! But it was wonderful having our home filled with family for the holidays.
 We spent the rest of the time just hanging out enjoying each other. It was a busy Christmas season, but many great memories were made.

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