Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just Some Silliness

Seems like there are a lot of moments I don't want to forget. A lot of things I want out there so they don't get lost. These are some of them....

Julie is seriously the best sister. She dotes on Sadie. Helps Andy. Does whatever needs to be done. She is just an awesome human.
 And apparently she likes making funny faces for the camera like Mom! I know Dad is usually a fan too. This was on the train at Santa Barbara Zoo.
 Girls picture!!
 Sadie and her favorite chicken, Rosie.
 Julie is the photobomb master. This was after Sadie made me a cool necklace.
 Me with my favorite chicken, Lightning.
 The kids had 80's day at school. Andy totally reminded me of Back to the Future.
 Julie was totally feeling it too. Funny thing is, these were all her regular clothes!
 We have been having fun cheering for Andy while he plays Flag Football. This was Sadie cheering at last weeks game.
 Daddy and me at the Blue's game last weekend! So much fun!

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