Sunday, January 4, 2009


This week has been interesting, with going back to work and John starting his new schedule. I really missed being at work and feel like I never left. I was able to get back in the swing of things without much problem, but of course, I miss my babies while I am away. I get over it though by talking about them non stop while I am gone. When I came home Monday, this is what I saw:
Julie has been a little testy, not super happy that I was not home all day, but we made it through.

Julie is also discovering words so much more. Some of her knew sayings, there are too many to list, but these are common:
I love you
Uncle Monster (AKA Uncle Chris)
Uncle Silly or Uncle Justin (she just started saying Justin)
I go play
Brother's awake, Brothers asleep
No! Mine! (this is the most common one!)

This is the conversation she is having with John right now:
JB:I want a pillow!
Dad: What do you say?
JB: Please I want a pillow!
Dad gives pillow
JB: Now water please!
Dad gives water
JB: Thank you Daddy. Nigh-Night!

Keep in mind that it is not bed time, in fact, it is lunch time...she is so sillly!

She is such a good girl and a big helper. Yesterday I made Andy a bottle and gave it to Julie to shake (this is her favorite "chore"). Andy was in his swing so I went to grab a bib before feeding him. When I came back, this is what I found, and he was actually eating!
Andy is doing so well too, he is getting so smiley and trying so hard to turn over! He is so close, but he tries with all his might and can't quite get those 15ish lbs over! Maybe this week. He is also loving his bubble baths with Julie and loves watching her and talking to her (he talks A LOT!!). Here are a few random pictures of Andy:

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