Monday, March 30, 2009

From Rag-a-muffin to Cute as a Button!

Lately we have been having a hard time doing Julie's hair. By hard time, I mean I could not get a comb through it! No matter how much I washed it, conditioned, de-tangled, it was still full of peanut butter, apple sauce, ketchup....

So, we decided to get it cut. We went to a place called "Kids Cuts" in Paso, where they have toys and all the props to keep a kid busy while getting a hair cut.

There were 2 boys ahead of us, so Julie watched them intently and when it was time for her to get in the chair, she said, "my turn!" and climbed on up.

She did so well, didn't fuss or get upset. She said "owie" every time she saw the scissors, but other than that, she was happy. And I am so happy with how it turned out! I know it will be a lot easier on all of us. Before:
See how she is trying to get her finger out of it, and is having no luck! This is how it is all the time. And she had her hair in pigtails all day, I had taken it down just a few minutes before, and it was still this tangled. Here is the after, I wish I had a better picture, but you will see plenty as I take more!

These were from this morning. You can see the cut a little better in these. And, it took 2 seconds to brush it, clip it and she was off like a shot!


Steph said...

I love it!

Beth McDermott said...

What a cutie-poo.
I 'trimmed' anabelle's hair too last week... I almost blogged it but I was so chicken about cutting it that by the time it dried you could hardly tell a difference. Now that I see how adorable Julie's is, Im feeling a little more brave... uh-oh.

Christina said...

So cute!! It kinda looks like a little a-line from the back!

Beth McDermott said...

ps- dawson and anabelle are now officially obsessed with looking at julie's new 'shortcut.'
they approve.

Bess Anne said...

Oh my gosh. I want to squash her. She's the cutest little thing in the world.