Thursday, April 16, 2009

Speaking Julie

Julie talks a lot…she says funny things…I want to remember them…and share them with you…and her some day.

The other night I was feeding Andy cereal and peas. After his 2nd helping I said “Wow Andy, you are a monster!”
Julie replied with a big fat lip, “No mommy, I a Monster, Uncle Monster a Monster, Andy NOT a Monster!!!” Whoops, guess I struck a nerve!

On Easter, we went to church and when we walked in she said “Where’s Aunt Bess, she here?”

She got home from Grandma’s house and said, “Mommy, I like ham, did you know??”

Tonight at the store she said “hi” to one of the guys working there. He said “hello” and Julie looked at me and said, “He’s talkin’ to me!”

When John or I are trying to discipline her, or take away something she should have, she says “Walk away Mommy, walk away”

We had a house guest last weekend who had a 3 month old baby named Nicco and when I picked up Julie from her Memere’s on Friday, she said, “When I get home, Nicco be there, and I say ‘Hi Nicco, it nice to see you’”

When she woke up Monday I asked her if she wanted breakfast and she said “No Mommy, I WAY too full!”

Whenever we tell her what we are going to do, or where we are going to go, she says, "It'll be fun!"

When she gets an owie, she says "Call the Doctor!!!"

I love listening to her talk and sing. She sings all the time in the car and when she is playing. You just never know what she is going to say next!


Gamma Anne said...

Another priceless comment--- Julie was putting on her shoes and got them on backwards, PopPop said told her the shoes were on the wrong feet and she said "No PopPop, these are my feet!!"

Bess Anne said...

I just laughed out loud to myself. I can't wait to squash that little one in just a few weeks.

Jenny said...

Man oh Man, she is so fun!!