Sunday, June 20, 2010

Celebrating the Man

This is the type of weekend that just drills into me how incredibly lucky I am to have John.

It all started with our anniversary get away. John made all the arrangements to stay at Madonna Inn for the night! We got there and checked into our VERY PINK room! It was so fun! The walls were covered in pink rose wallpaper and that enormous chair was made of silver vinyl. Awesome.
There was a huge fireplace that was so pretty and warm. And it was accompanied by this sign. We followed the recommendation.
The bathroom was probably the best part of the room. The sinks were made out of rock. Seriously, rock. same with the shower. And look at those mirrors. Think Flintstones meat Barbie. Yeah, so cool!
How sweet was it that John had a bottle of champagne sent up? Yum!
More than once we visited the beautiful pool and hot tubs. The pool was heated to the point of feeling like bath water. So even at 10 pm, it was an amazing swim.
The next morning we got up super early (yes, we were both awake by 6:30 even though there were no children there to wake us up) and went to the Pismo Car Show before heading home to the pumpkins who didn't seem to miss us in the slightest, though they both cried when Memere left.

It was so nice to get away, even though we stayed close to home.

Then, today we celebrated fathers day as soon as John got home from work. We had Grandpa Mel and Grandma CC over for dinner and John showed off his Fathers Day gift from Mel. (look at his arm!!)
Yes, it is totally fake.

And he showed off the gift that I made him. I should have made him cook so he could use it, but I figured he should get to pick dinner on Fathers Day, so we had meatloaf.
Yup, we Hunters are pretty lucky to have this big guy. Not really sure what we would do without him. Love you Daddy Hunter!

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