Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finally Summer!!

We have been having some computer issues the last week, hence the quietness on the blog!

Thank God summer is here!! And we have been enjoying it to the fullest! Last weekend we started out the day at Avila Valley Barn. We all love it there and even got to go on a tractor ride out to the peach orchard. So fun!

Of course the kids still love feeding the animals the most. Julie dressed herself. I think she looks beautiful!
Chickens are for sure Andy's favorite animals at the barn. He feeds them most of his lettuce, even though they don't like it. And if they are loose, he will chase them and get really sad when he can't catch them. If he gets close, he leans over and tries to kiss them!
Climbing on the hay bails.
Then, Sunday we went to Lina's third birthday party! It was a pool party which meant the kids were in heaven. It was a nice day, perfect for a pool party!
Julie remembered everything from her swim lessons last year and immediately started blowing bubbles and floating on her back. By the time we got out, she taught Andy to blow bubbles too!
I didn't get too many pictures of the party, but here is Lina with the lunch bag I made her. She is starting preschool soon, so that is what Heather asked for. She is such a sweet big girl!
This morning it was supposed to be really warm, so we loaded up with Uncle Jus and Auntie Audrey and hit the beach! It was the prettiest beach day I have ever seen! When we got there at 10:30 am it was 84 degrees. When we left at 12:45, it was 90!!

Andy LOVES the water. Every wave that hit him, he laughed and said "woah!" or "more!" I couldn't get any pictures of them in the water because my hands needed to be free for wipe outs!
Julie found a stick!
Digging a hole with Dad. Yup, pretty sweet hole!
Well, I think we successfully wore him out. Time to head home.
We are loving the warm weather and spending time with each other. The kids are playing so well together all of a sudden, I think it is easier since we are outside so much. But whatever the reason, we will take it and love every minute of it!

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