Monday, July 12, 2010

Awesome Picture Upload

So apparently this whole parenting thing keeps a person pretty busy! People have been asking what my kids are up to this summer and I have been saying, "Nothing out of the ordinary, school, gymnastics, other stuff." But I think I have been lying! Between soccer, swim lessons, concerts in the park, play dates, trips to the zoo, Avila Valley Barn, the beach....ok, I better stop now....we have been on the move!

Trust me, I am not complaining! I love being out and doing fun stuff with my family. But it does explain the lack of blogging. Therefore, I am going to post a bunch of pictures that would probably normally be their own blog.

First, a spectacular embarrassing picture. Sorry Andy. We went berry picking. We got almost a full basket and made it back with over a half a basket! Most successful berry trip yet!
We got a visit from Everett and his amazing parents! Julie was so proud of herself getting to hold such a tiny baby!

Of course Daddy got in on the action too. Surprisingly, Everett didn't give in to John's power of putting babies to sleep (I am not being sarcastic or rude, he is just naturally amazing at it!).

Andy was more excited about Everett's car seat, but give them a year and I am sure they will be BFF's, just like their mommies!

Then we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo for Memere's Birthday!
The kids had a great time sliding down the hill. Julie totally got the hang of it and was doing all sorts of crazy moves. The loved it!

Ok....Mom had a little fun too.

And what does all this wild fun lead too?
A nap!! It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I even get in on the action!
There you go, up to date!


Tania said...

Love the photos! So much fun!!!

Ann/Memere said...

That photo of Andy in the boots needs to go on the wall in your house. Seriously.

Christina said...

I love your kids. And my kid. Thanks for posting! {: