Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Long Week, or Two

Ok, well, summer just keeps moving along!

Julie has been a little out of commission since developing a nasty cough last week. Her symptoms were very similar to when she was in the hospital last winter, so of course John and I (and Memere and Grandma) were on high alert. We never ended up in the emergency room, though the thought crossed our mind more than once. We did end up at the Doctors office 4 times in the last 2 weeks and have at least 2 appointments this week, one of them being with a pediatric allergist in Santa Barbara. We are hoping he can help us find the triggers to the cough, or at least rule some out!
That being said, here is all the other stuff we did besides being home with a sick girl. And not all....

The kids had swim lessons with an awesome swim coach. Julie didn't get to do it all the days because of her cough, but she had fun the days she got to go.
And of course, she helped her little brother kick.
We took Andy to get his hair cut. I had cut it quite a few times, but we decided it was time for a big boy hair cut.

He sat there like a champ and got a sucker when he was done. He was so proud of himself!

Then we went to the fair! The kids and Dad went on the Carousel. I went on the flying elephants with them, and almost got sick, so I sat the Carousel out!
I know this is a bad picture, but the Carousel goes faster than one would think!!
And our cow polk had a great day. they loved the animals and the snow cones and their souvenirs, which they wore to the grocery store this morning and we got some great looks!
Giddy up!

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