Saturday, September 10, 2011

Soccer Game!!

Today Julie had her first soccer game. She has been practicing for the last 2 weeks, but honestly hadn't shown a whole lot of interest.  John and I didn't know what to expect and were just hoping that once she got there she would go with the flow and get into it.

Well, she did!
 Her team has 8 kids on it. They split the team into groups of 4 and each group plays on a separate field for a half hour. Then they switch and play the other half of the other team for half an hour. That means all the kids play the whole time. The coaches are out there as "referees" but mostly as coaches, which is great at this age. 
 There are no goalies, they all just run around after the ball.
 This was at the first break. She ran over to give us high fives and she was happy but she said, "Mommy, they are not giving me a turn!"  I explained to her that she didn't have to share, she could just go up and kick the ball, she didn't have to wait for a turn, she could just take it. Her response, "Can I push the other kids down??" Ummmmm, No.

She got much more aggressive after that little talk.
 And she scored a goal!!! (If you click on this picture it will make it big and you can see how excited she is!!)
 Also post-goal.
 She is enjoying us cheering for her.
 This was on the other field, and after I took this picture, she broke away and scored another goal!!
And after that, another!! That's right, 3 goals!!! We were so proud of how much fun she was having. She smiled the entire time she was out there, and she never stopped running. She was exhausted after!!

Looks like the start of a great season!!

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