Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To the Village

Two weeks ago, we went to pick up Andy from school. And as we always do, we asked how he was today. His teacher replied, "Great, you never have to worry about him, he is such a good kid!"

Wow, that was nice!

This morning, when I dropped Julie off at school I was confronted by her teachers. Have to admit, I was a little nervous about what they were going to say.

But Mrs Noelle, the head teacher, started out with, "I can't tell you how wonderful Julie is in class every day!" Then she proceeded to go on and on about what a genuinely caring person she is. How she always wants to help everyone. How she is bubbly and happy all the time. And most of all, she gets along great with all of her classmates.

The whole time she was talking to me, the other teacher was nodding in agreement.

Yup, it felt great. Made my day.

All day I have been thinking about these nice complements and what truly amazing children we have. And especially, how they are becoming that way because of the amazing people they have behind them.

Its true, it takes a village to raise a child. And my kids have an awesome village.

Thank you village.


Memere/Mom/Ann said...

I feel pretty blessed to be a part of that village. Though we need to talk about Andy showing me cars in the Easy Ad this afternoon while at Yogurt Creations. Reallly?????

Kayla said...

A beautiful post! You and John are amazing parents and I am in ah of the little people you have raised. They are beautiful,caring, genuine, intelligent and inquisitive. Great job!