Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sadie Josephine Hunter

Sadie was born at 7:51pm on November 17th, 2011. She is the most mellow, content, quiet little girl!!

On Wednesday, November 16th, we headed into the hospital to get labor going. The doctor knew she was a big girl and my blood pressure was a little unstable. So we went in and they started me on some medicine to help things along. Both John and I got some sleep that night and contractions started getting really regular about 8 am. I labored along until about 2 pm when the doctor came back and broke my water. The epidural was a necessity pretty soon after that.

Once the epidural was in, I felt fabulous, and pretty much went straight to sleep.

At about 6:45, Christina, Brian and Everett stopped by to say hello. I was feeling great and enjoying their visit.  Then I started to feel a little pain. And a little more. And then a lot more.

By 7:15, I kicked out our visitors and started making John rub my back and get the nurse.  I had been checked just an hour before and was only at 5, so I had no idea what was going on.  I told the nurse she needed to check me again. She obliged even though I don't think she believed it was necessary.  But it was! I was complete and she ran out to call the doctor who was about 20 minutes away.

I hung on for the 20 minutes, and just as I started questioning if the doctor was ever going to get there, he showed up.  He got all set up and I pushed 1.4 times (Dr's words, not mine) and Sadie Josephine was here!

She came out screaming with a full head of dark hair.

And she has been calm and peaceful ever since.

We enjoyed her for a few minutes then called the kids to tell them they had a new sister. John put them on speaker and they were overjoyed to hear the news.  The second Sadie heard Julie and Andy's voice, she twisted and turned to try to find them.  Her eyes weren't open, but she knew those voices and she was going to find them!  Julie's first response was, "Daddy, tell Mommy and Sadie that I love her!"  The whole room melted.

She got all cleaned up, and so did I.  The nurse took her and weighed her. She was a whopping 8lbs 14ozs. When they first put her on my chest, I was guessing 7 1/2lbs. She seemed so small! I was wrong!!  They said she was 20 inches long, but the next morning the pediatrician said she was more like 21-21.5 inches. 

Luckily, since she was born so fast, Christina hadn't left the area.  She was Sadie's first visitor.  Followed closely by Uncle Justin.  We were still in shock and baby bliss land at this point, so there were no pictures.

But by the time Grandpa Mel and Grandma CC were there, the camera was clicking.
And Grammy and Pop-pop stopped in.
First thing the next morning, after a lovely night sleep (seriously, I had to wake her up to feed her!) my mom came in to meet her. I was still half asleep and John had gone to take over with the kids, so I got no pictures. This was also the time that the pediatrician came in to give her the once over. He almost instantly gave her the OK to go home.

These pictures aren't all in order. But this was the next morning when the kids came to meet her.  They fell in love and were so proud to be big kids at the hospital taking care of their baby sissy.  Julie was amazed that my tummy was not "super big" any more!

They loved everything about her.
Especially holding her.
And being the BIG brother.
And giving her kisses.  Andy keeps saying, over and over, "Sadie, you are so beautiful."  or "Mommy, Sadie is beautiful!"
Aunt Sharon and Auntie Audrey came a little later in the afternoon and got some snuggles.
And we got a shot of Christina when she came back.
Then it was time to get dressed and start getting ready to go home!! Hooray!

Uncle Justin stopped by to see us off.

Once we arrived home, there were a few people excited to see us. We could barely walk in the door before Julie was on the couch ready to hold Sadie.
And Julie was very excited that Sadie was hungry.

Then it was Andy's turn.
Even when she was passed off to Memere, he couldn't keep his hands off of her.
But we finally got a great Memere shot!

Sadie did great her first night home.  She let us sleep and actually woke up and cried when she was hungry for the first time! She had never let us know she was hungry, so that exciting, even if it was at 2 am.

When Julie woke up she went right over to Sadie's dresser and picked out her outfit for the day. Complete with onsie, pants, sweatshirt, hat and socks.
When everyone was dressed the kids had some cartoon time while Memere made us pancakes.

We are so happy Sadie is here. Everyone loves her so much and she has been an Angel so far.   The kids have been loving helpers, we could not ask for a sweeter little family.


Kayla said...

Sad that I was sick and couldn't visit you at the hospital or give you a back rub this time :). Looking forward to meeting her and snuggling with her!!!

Keith Veilleux said...

woo! triple cuncle!
congrats on the hat trick :)

Sarah Forsman said...

So beautiful... The whole Hunter family! Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. Can't wait to meet Miss Sadie!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all HUNTER Family :) Sadie is a very sweet name and a beautiful girl. Andy is just right :) Thank you for posting. Enjoy your family time.
Greetings from Anne across the ocean :)