Friday, November 25, 2011


Sitting here with a squishy baby in my lap proves that I don't have to look far for something to be thankful for. In fact, I am completely engulfed by people to be thankful for. And on Thanksgiving this year we got to see most of them!!

The Cisneros family stopped by in the morning. Brian and Everett had not had a chance to meet Sadie yet.  Everett was not super interested, but Brian was adequately smitten.
Climbing on Daddy/John was more fun.
Then Julie taught Everett to play Candyland.  It was pretty awesome.  I think Andy was disagreeing with her interpretation of the rules.
After our friends left and we had a nice nap, it was off to Justin and Audrey's house for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was so awesome of them to host this year. Everything was delicious and the company was wonderful.

Aunt Arlene has been sick, so she and Uncle Hal had not met Sadie yet.  Uncle Hal got snuggles from Julie while Arlene held Sadie.
Julie and cousin Lauren got a little silly.
Such a beautiful family!!
Yup, we are pretty lucky.
This Memere has got her hands full!
4 cousins. Its hard to get any of them to be still.
Me and my beautiful niece.  She was wearing the dress that Julie wore on her first Thanksgiving. I kind of doubt it will fit Sadie next year, but we may have to try.
After we were completely stuffed we headed off to Grandma Hazel's for dessert. (ok, our second round of dessert since I couldn't pass up my mom's amazing pecan pie)

Uncle Ted was another that hadn't met Sadie, so he got some good time in with her.
Julie and Andy worked on some snowman crafts that we had brought.  The had lots of fun with Grandpa Mel helping them.
Aunt Sharron and Grandpa invaded Ted, but he didn't mind sharing.
Yes, so much to be thankful for.

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