Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tie Dye Fun

Last weekend we went to our little buddy Eli's 2nd birthday party! His Mommy April did a great job with the party, and our kids had a good excuse to wear their tie dye. We (ok, mostly Christina) got some great pictures!

Tie dye and bubbles!
Andy's face quickly matched his shirt.
Julie and Anna!
Getting ready to do their own tie dye.
Eli and his cake!
He didn't trust anyone near his cake. He picked it right up off the table and walked away with it.
Lucky for Eli Andy was given his own cake straight away, so he was safe.
This picture is my FAVORITE!  John says that Andy looks like the metaphorical devil on Everett's shoulder..... "Eat more cake Everett!! Sugar is good Everett!!"
Sadie loves Everett!
"Look at my tongue!"
"I WILL lick you!"
Want to get on Everett?  No?  Smart boy.
Sadie chatting with Gus.  She thinks he is pretty sweet.
More Sister sweetness.
It was a super fun party and a beautiful day. I love seeing the kids in their bright, fun colors, running around chasing bubbles.  Life doesn't get much sweeter than that.

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Grammy said...

I promise to save their daddy's tie dye (from jr high-early high school??) I still wear it :):)